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  1. Is it complete?
  2. Has it been uploaded? Also @Tom_Weiss I have a request. All these awesome paintschemes that you make! Could you assign them to their appropriate countries pls? Like the Iraqi mig-29s, be assigned to Iraq, and Iranian to Iran, instead of to Russia, US and Israel? Thanks
  3. WOW!! This should be added as a default into the game and the Mig-29A should be added to the country as well
    An excellent skin, however can you update the description lua file and change the faction to India only since it's the skin of that country? Thanks
  4. Any download link? Also how did you get the template for this?
  5. Brand new Mig-29S!!!
  6. Can somebody please try and make this skin for the F-15C in DCS? Here is a link to how they made The awesome F-15 paint job!!! And here are some shots......
  7. Can someone make this paint scheme for the F-15?
  8. Finally my first few Nevada shots
  9. I've noticed that certain planes that have been around for I think more than a year like the Sabre, Mig-15, Bf-109 etc are still having the "Downloadd Beta version sign". Are they still in Open beta stage? How long will they be that way? Also, when they do get to their full stage, will they be narrowed down to their respective countries of operation only with their respective colors/markings?
  10. Ok, so you mean they work on old 1.2 as well as 1.5/2.0 EDGE as well, right?
  11. Hmm hopefully by release of 2.0 it should be out. BTW how is everyone else making their repaints without a template?
  12. Yes but I wanted to know if that template was specifically made for the new game engine or not?
  13. But didn't Belsimtek release templates for the UH-1 and Mi-8? And I know 1.5 and 2.0 are the same, I'm just asking whether that template was designed for the 1.5/2.0 version of DCS?