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  1. There's a really cheeky sod on here - an admin, no less. Thanks to him, I won't be back.

    1. Hitman


      You could have come to me as a man and said something, but instead you go off on here, take your toys home with you and run off crying? I apologize for not giving you credit, and as such removed the file, but Im not going to apologize for calling you a crybaby. With that attitude, I hope you dont come back.

  2. I've changed my mind about these videos - they are just not worth the effort. I have almost 30 minute's worth of footage from mission 5 - which has a lot of action in it - but had to edit it and cut it down to as little over 5 minutes as I can get away with. In that process, the quality drops every time a clip gets edited and it ends up looking pretty rubbish - especially showing, for example, something as small as a Vikhr missile in flight. I've spent many hours just on that one mission's video alone and then to have such a disappointing outcome, it's just not worth it. I'd rather spend that time cracking on with the campaign and writing the AARs with screenshots. So these are all getting deleted and I may try again once the fibre is connected, next year. Then I can upload longer vids. Thanks for your interest.
  3. Still FC for me (3 now - though I still fly 1 & 2) with Black Shark as a close 2nd - but my least favourite just now is P3D. Bought it about 3 weeks ago and uninstalled it at the weekend to get back to FSX. I had all my fave FSX stuff installed to P3D - but it looked and ran really rubbish. It's funny - most people say they have lots of issues with FSX and P3D is their saviour - for me it was the other way round! Now I wait for P3D v2 - you never know, next year (or the following year) it may be the favourite
  4. You have to either write your own mission and put the Lancer in it or edit a mission and do the same. Shame no-one seems to know how to do anything about the radar. Oh well - hopefully not too long until we get the DCS version.
  5. Thank you. I can't do a video for mission 4 due to problems with the track, after the upgrade to 1.2.6 - but I am working on the mission 5 video summary. My internet connection is pretty slow for upstream, so it takes a long time to upload them, which is why they have been so short this far. We are due to have fibre (FTTC) fitted by the end of next year - then I can make and upload the videos I would really like to do In the meantime, my AAR for mission 4 is here. btw - this campaign for FC3 can be downloaded from DCS HERE It's good fun but after 1.2.6 things get stuttery when the Mi-8 is around.
  6. I have been flying the FC3 version of Revanche - the screenshot AARs are up on my website (see sig) along with short video summaries which are on YouTube as well as my website. You can get straight to the AARs HERE Thought I'd post the vids here, too, for those interested. They're nothing fancy - just FRAPS video clips straight from the mission merged to a 4 to 5 minute summary. More detail is in the AAR itself. So far flown the first 3 - which are all non-combat missions. Will post the remaining vids as and when they are completed. Takes me ages to upload vids which is why they are no more than 5 minutes long. http://youtu.be/pIwDlP6MsQ0 http://youtu.be/nDhQ44-NBi0 http://youtu.be/8nzbaT9nmNg Hope you like them - short as they are. When I get into combat (next mission iirc) the home base stuff won't be in it, so just 4 to 5 minutes of action then With these articles on my website, I'm hoping to get some of my model building buddies and readers to get interested in simming.
  7. I've flown Harriers in FSX that were very convincing (and I was posted to a Harrier (GR3) unit for 3 years and a Harrier (GR5/7) support unit for 3½ years). I have never rated anything Razbam has produced for FSX - or their attitude. I will give them the benefit of the doubt for DCSW and see how it turns out - but I'm not holding my breath. Oh - and if you mention on CA that you don't like Razbam stuff, you get treated like a leper - and even receive a pm demanding that you explain yourself. After all, according to them and their CA fanboys, if you don't like their product for FSX, it must be because you are not of a high enough standard a virtual pilot to appreciate it. Nuff said.
  8. Same as the A-10A manual - good content, poor editing and often poor layout. Again, well worth having a read. I wish they would spend more time thinking about the layout of their manuals and how easy or difficult it makes them to refer to. Things like diagrams with big boxes but small numbers in them and titles at the bottom of pages with just one line after, before a diagram on the next page, yet space under the text on the following page - so they could have fit a subject onto one, easy to find and read page but have unnecessarily put it on two. Or using incorrect words to describe something, or continually using designations when a simple name would make the section far easier to read and far easier to comprehend for those who have difficulty with the language or on their first foray into this kind of sim. Abbreviations are not all acronyms. Acronyms are abbreviations that can be pronounced as a word - just tell me how you pronounce "ETP" or "WPT"? These are common errors found on forums by people who don't know better - a company like DCS should not be making these kind of amateur errors that they have been making since their first manual. Look it up - there's loads of info on this around the professional parts of the internet.
  9. Content is good - I like! Presentation is mediocre and editing is dire - as per usual with DCS manuals. Like amateurs playing at experts. That said, it's well worth having a read and keeping close by for reference if you're not an experienced virtual A-10 pilot
  10. The trim has worked just fine - no issues at all. I'm using the G940, when I move the assigned trim wheels, the joystick moves in the relevant direction. I found the AP was just fine, too. I only use it on run-ins straight and level, whilst aiming the Mav's, and on egress whilst I'm trying to get a good look at what damage I caused - the new 'limited' 6DOF makes it a whole new experience along with the AFM. It's really like a completely new aircraft.
  11. Here's some pics - My hole... his hole... My two AA kills - with Mav: with AIM-9: The worst kind of trip home: Nice damage model, there - and here is the other side of the pepper pot...
  12. I went for a spin in the A-10A with updated AFM last night. It does feel a lot better than the old model, and it was really great fun flying the CAS mission that comes with the sim (in the Quick Missions folder). I also managed to get my first air to air kill with an IR Maverick - okay, it was just a helicopter, but better than nothing! I downed the second one with a sidewinder - much easier! The damage model seemed really good, however I wasn't convinced with the aerodynamics. The damage textures were great (I'll upload some screens in a bit) but I lost half of the tailplane and my right engine was on fire all the way home to base. I got a warning the hydraulics were gone and the flaps didn't work - but the airbrakes and undercarriage (that's 'gear' to you uneducated yanks ) worked just fine, as did the canopy after landing. The aircraft was a little 'blancmangey' but it wasn't that difficult to fly or land at all. Also, I couldn't shut the right engine down, or extinguish the fire. Again, once I had landed the engines did shut down okay, and the fire went out. Both my wingie and I got damage - it was quite funny - I got a hole and leak in my left wing and he got a hole and leak in his right wing. Would have looked great in formation - but as I headed home with my extra damage, I ordered him to accomplish the mission and then RTB. When he landed at base, he suddenly just turned left and taxiied over the grass and crashed into the control tower. Nuts. So, even though the new model is great, I think there is still a lot of work to do on FC3. Still gets a thumbs-up from me, though. Being able to look around properly in the cockpit just makes a massive difference.
  13. Hotfix is up, Rusty
  14. You should be okay, the in-game updater - on launch of the sim - has worked for me for the last 2 patches.