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  1. ARMA 3 Alpha Release Date Announcement

    ARMA is like everything i need for a Military Sim for Infantry , their Jet is mediocre at best. Alpha, so it still contain some silly errors , like this one, a driver daydreaming while driving: Otherswise, i say it is a good game, at least from what i have seen so far, i have never actually be a real fan of ARMA but the third version really get my attention for fixing a lot of complex stuffs from the ARMA II OA. Somehow i feel the game play smoother than the Operation Arrowhead.
  2. Aviator s Slang

    Can i add something? I don't know but i will just put it out. the Air Force Pilot usually call the Charlie F-15 as "Albinos" (aside from Light Greys) just like how they call the F-15E as "Mudhen" and F-16 as "Vipers". Got that out from the book "Strike Eagle - Flying the F-15E in the Gulf War". I don't know, but seem a lot of people don't know that. The "Aluminum Cloud" as the F-14 made me laugh lol
  3. New unagressive AI?

  4. Well, Merry Christmas i guess, and i think i am late for the party. But beside the 6DOF Cockpit, how about the Eagle performance? "the developer" said the performance of the Eagle in FC2 after patch was correct based on the real performance of it. Which i don't truly believe. I did fly the Light Greys a tons back in LOMAC and FC 1.12B, and back then it was 1:1 with the Flanker. Now it is nothing but a true flying-brick.
  5. File Name: Falcon 4.0 Menu + Mission Editor Music for FC2 File Submitter: AMRAAM_Missiles File Submitted: 22 Dec 2012 File Category: Sound Mods Version: v1.0 Other Authors: AMRAAM_Missiles I just got the Menu music and the Mission Editor Music of old Falcon 4.0 combined into one ogg file for FC2. Every old hardcore Simmer should be familiar with this music. It is just better than the native one for FC2 that the developer put in. Enjoy, install by Modman, shouldn't have any problem. Click here to download this file
  6. Russias' New Multirole AEW-ELINT-SIGINT

    My first thought was : "is that the B777?" LOL.
  7. Version v1.0


    I just got the Menu music and the Mission Editor Music of old Falcon 4.0 combined into one ogg file for FC2. Every old hardcore Simmer should be familiar with this music. It is just better than the native one for FC2 that the developer put in. Enjoy, install by Modman, shouldn't have any problem.
  8. FC3 Release date? LOCK ON FLAMING CLIFFS 3 ANNOUNCED F-15C Eagle , The Light Grey is BACK!
  9. SA Online Magazine

    Will it be a live-Stream for this? Just asking
  10. F-15C Eagle and Its related performance

    the developer said it "matched" a real life performance... i don't think they are even close. They even said that the Russian even overestimated the turn-rate of the Eagle ( I don't think they are supposed to say this, lol, that is why i don't believe them). You can try to yank the stick to left and right when flying the plane, i will see the plane move kinda slow from what i expect to be a fighter plane. Just for awesome video about the light greys:
  11. F-15C Eagle and Its related performance

    Yeah, i got this from the developer as well: I have been gone for like 6 freaking months without any flight hours, so that might be my own problem. But anyone here disagree with the developer that the F-15C on the recent patch is matched with the real-life one?
  12. Look like the forum just got a strike, which made it losing some post recently. From my last post (for anyone that don't know about this), we was discussing that the developer nerf-the developer the performance of the Eagle too much with the patch 1.2.1 for FC2.0 So, look like that editing the script files of the Eagle to bring back performance look possible. But i don't know which files to edit. But i have an idea, may not work at all, but i need to ask before i screw up all my game files. So, i just thought about this like a several minutes ago and it look possible. We all know that each aircraft in FC 2.0 has its own folder to hold all the files that required by the game to run ( and i believe all the related files of the plane , from its loadouts, informations are in there as well). The patch 1.2.1 fixed a lot of bug from the release version , and it patched the F-15C performance as well. Personally, i don't want to counter some bugs in the release version so i don't want to revert back to 1.0 version of FC 2.0 and stay with it. What i want to do, is to copy the Folder of the F-15C to somewhere else before applying the patch 1.2.1 on FC2.0, apply the patch and then copy the necessary files of the Eagle back to its "patched" folder. So i can stay with 1.2.1 version, but has the Eagle's performance from the release version of FC2.0 Can i do that? Will it be any kind of conflict?
  13. West Coast vs East Coast : Computer Science Oppotunity

    i really appreciated about your post sir. But in this case, it would be hard for me because i don't hold any religion. I am not either Christian or Buddhist... But thanks sir, i would love to be in aviation too. But i wear glasses for Near-Sighted problem and that is not acceptable by any means with FAA. Really want to join Microsoft for Windows Phone team, but i don't know if that dream is too high for me.
  14. West Coast vs East Coast : Computer Science Oppotunity

    I was really surprised that WSU really got big support from Microsoft ( they even offer Microsoft Dreamspark over there!) I was at WA last year as you know, a lot of my friends are studying at WSU also. So it is really that West Coast do offer more opportunity for Computers and it is hot-zone for High-Tech Jobs?
  15. Hi everyone, i haven't been in LOF for awhile! Since i first made my step to the land of freedom on 2010 (Some of you guys here might remember that... even the advise "don't drink the water" from somebody) But today, i am going to college... I don't know, but it is a huge success for an international student like me to be in college. I start thinking about what i am going to sign up for my first year and what i am gonna do with my future. And come up with the subject : Where to study Computer Science? I got accepted to Washington State University (WSU at WA) and following would be University of South Florida (FL) (USF i got very positive feedback from them and my family really hope i can join this University). But then come up with some speech from people when they claim that West Coast of US has better Opportunity overall for Computer Business and The University over there has better support for Computer overall? I am looking forward to graduate 4 year University with Computer Science Bachelor of Science and want to be a programmer. So now, i don't know where to start, i went to USF today and love their Campus. But WSU is not bad after all. What do you guys think? I really need advice. Thanks.