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  1. F-22A Raptor Model

    File Name: F-22A Raptor Model File Submitter: 141st_Alper File Submitted: 16 Aug 2009 File Category: Aircraft Models <center> <img src="http://www.lockonfiles.com/modules/Downloads/imageuploads/main2.jpg"></center> </p><p> Animated, no damage models yet. Please report the bugs that you found to our boards. <p> 3D Artist : 141st_Alper</p><p> 3D Pilot : Blaze</p><p> Texture Art : 141st_Alper, 141st_c@sper</p><p> Morale Support : 141st_zulkerneyn</p><p> Beta Testers : 141st Wolves Squadron</p><p> </p><p> Special thanks to Blaze for his great helps! </p><p> www.simwolfs.com Click here to download this file
  2. =4c=Dedicated

    We dont have good pings from Turkey. :o :|
  3. F-15 Active

    It still WIP mate. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7243
  4. F-22A and F-15E Coming to LockOn

    Yes its still unfinished beta. Im preparing the university test's. So im not sure i can continue and fix bugs on this project.. :cry:
  5. F-22A and F-15E Coming to LockOn

    141st_Alper http://www.lockonfiles.com/modules.php? ... id=1542#dl
  6. My X-52 arrived

    Very good mate. Enjoy of it :old: :OK: :OK:
  7. Happy Birthday Hitman

    Happy birthday mate!
  8. F-15C_52nd_Tigers Mission pack

    Dude where's the goddamn download links.
  9. F-15C_52nd_Tigers Mission pack

    25 missions. That was good and much enough for us. Congratulations mate. Im waiting.
  10. I'm Daddy again

    They just kid. Dont make them crazy with planes so early.
  11. F-15 ACTIVE Coming to Lock on

    No we dont have any plans for F-15D. No any plan for next plane to. Should we convert it?
  12. F-15 ACTIVE Coming to Lock on

    No it isnt.