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  1. And that is a year without pain or sadness Merry Christmas to you all and the staff god bless you supercic
  2. does not seem right to go out with a simulator so full of holes and problems I do not know what else, airplane who continue to fly with the broken propeller, gears disappear beneath the wings when you pull down and difficult to understand that now come out with a mortgage on the competition, I think it's at the expense of those who pay the game
  3. I bought it I also hope not to be disappointed, as the years have passed and I had a great IL2 hope you have not made ​​a hole in the water, according to at least hear the comments of the forum
  4. and we go whith a little support
  5. many tanks rf13, i go to try :icon_popcorn:
  6. skyhawk wrote A little promo for the Eurofighter display you'll be seeing this year at VFAT i am very happy to see you at vfat good job skyhawk
  7. good bless you tom and every contribute to this site. good work the site look very nice where is popcorn do not like tom :icon_popcorn: in primis i do not see
  8. iris a10 good image beatiful product very well made,note the lighting of a10 is a new code very realistic
  9. it is wery well made is beatiful