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  1. It does kinda leave a bad taste in your mouth, purchasing a product that's, just two other products that you already own, put together along with a few bug fixes MMMhmm excuse me "features" and actual new features such as dynamic weather. That said, anyone who didn't expect to pay for this was being naive, I've been waiting for it and I'm glad its here along with the bad taste of course.
  2. My mistake, it was AFS-design not CLS.
  3. Grandsurf has somethin in the oven Not sure yet if he intends to release it though. Then there's Beczl's Mig-21 that thing is just amazing! I think the reason the developer's gone cold on FC2 is because it's not wholly theirs, like DCS is.
  4. With the plethora of aircraft there are to choose from now, I can hardly believe there isn't a HQ Flanker floating around somewhere. I think AFS-design attempted the SU-27, I say attempted because after reading some of the customer reviews for both the Flanker, and the Mig-29, it seems they failed. They made a Flanker alright but....left a lot to be desired apparently. I would love to see a good Flanker in FSX as well.
  5. Yes, actually it is. I learned early on that prop pitch=thrust vectoring, and its a pretty good idea to assign that to an axis for more precise control. I see your flying an airliner, ever consider the PMDG 737NGX? If I had a couple of months to myself I would try it for sure.
  6. Beautiful shots Rich. Wilco's Jumpjet Still working on the landing.
  7. getting it all buttoned down in the case, wired up, then squeamishly poking the power button for the first time. When the lights come on its euphoric when the bios screen appears its orgasmic That's how my first build felt any way. You'll probably never buy a complete computer again. Congratulations
  8. Would it be possible to bundle the skins together and installed at the same time, all selectable in game like the SMA-10?
  9. I'm torn you guy's. First the highly anticipated KA-50 HD pit and then the developer unexpectedly decides to release a patch! Just doesn't get any better then this Awesome Mod Ricardo
  10. I'm not sure, if you have Modman it would be easy enough to find out. Install it and see what happens. If it doesn't work, Modman should uninstall, and revert. Maybe back up the installation as a precaution
  11. The SU-33 has an amazing profile! It's an awesome aircraft, and I'm glad someone finally decided to do it justice.
  12. No problem buddy. I hope you get as much use out of your X52 as I do mine iluvit