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  1. As I understand, I hear conflicting stories between what "the developer" states in his video and actual spitfire pilots. The centering cam on the tail wheel is supposed to lock into place when you pull back on the stick, but it doesnt function in DCS. No toe brakes, just the brake lever you find on the stick like you would in the L39, MiG-21, and other aircraft without a castered nosewheel. The tail wheel is borked.
  2. Kinda looks like Salt Lake City, but waaaay too colorful..
  3. I cant install either one.
  4. I cant install the hornet in ver. 3.4. Kinda lost now, I was really hoping to play with the hornet in the rift.
  5. Dumb question: is this compatible with the very latest P3D 3.4?
  6. I cant find this aircraft anywhere on google or any place, but this is the best I got for references. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234998746-148-hobbyboss-a-10-thunderbolt-ii/
  7. Bring the saturation of your joystick down in the axis settings. Set up an S curve too and just keep modifying it until you have something comfortable to live with.
  8. I wear glasses too, but since I ride a motorcycle I need contacts too so I can wear goggles. They help...and you can wear glasses with these too, but it will be uncomfortable for a while.
  9. You dont have trackir, do you? And even if you did, this rift is light years beyond trackir! Everything is finally in perspective, everything has mass, everything has a scale to it now. It doesnt look small, it looks bigger than life! I couldnt tell you how thrilled I was just to look out of the cabin of a P-51 for the first time I strapped the rift on! I was like "hey, the wingtip is about 15-20 feet away from me!" Granted you better have good eyesight or you will need to wear corrective glasses to see the fine details (I wear contacts when I fly now), but the immersion level is just a step below actual flight. Never before have I ever fell forward in my seat because my brain actually thought I was braking. Yes, I hit my head on my monitor because I thought I was literally moving. Its THAT freakin' awesome!
  10. My monitor is an Oculus Rift now!
  11. The latest and last upgrade for the rig, including Oculus Rift. Next Im going to do a DIY refrigerated cooling system for the computer.
  12. Think maybe it will be the last thing I buy for FSX just so I can give it one last shot. I have an Oculus Rift now, and looking to put it on FSX or P3D...but damn that is a lot of work to do. Will report back when its finally released, hopefully not too soon.
  13. Ok...me being the techwhore that I am... Was the new project for futureproofing my computer for the next few years. Intel 6700k overclocked 4.6ghz GSkill RipJaw V series DDR4 3200mhz 32gb MSI Z170A Gaming M9 ACK motherboard MSI GTX1080 FE
  14. Wouldnt matter, never really liked the cloud effects in FSX regardless of textures. If those clouds are about to finally be 3 dimensional, then yeah Ill be onboard again. Otherwise, Ive retired FSX/P3D until P3D is finally released in 64 bit.