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  1. Thanks! Nice to see that you are still running this place Thomas! The new site has changed dramaticaly , with a lot of new features, as far as i can remember the layout of the old one. Looks superb and functionailty seems to have improved to a much greater extent! Congrats mate!
  2. Hi Everyone! A long time has passed since I visited LOF... I drifted away from flightsims, due to working in civilian Air Traffic Control and I was happy that I didn't have to bother with A/Cs in my spare time. Lately I was considering that I may return to flightsims, and to DCS (I saw on the the developer forums that a lot of thing have happend while I was absent). I picked up the joystick this week with IL2 to get back into the virtual aerial warfare business/dogfighting, since these PC flightsims are a lot different than those full cabin sized C172 simulators what we have and used during our training time. And nonetheless, its so much better if you can shoot down things!! Not just flying around, VFR, IFR, practicing school circles, etc. I am considering buying a decent sim gear n the near future, and if my time allows it, I would like to get back to the modern era jet fighting sims (LO, DCS) as well. I hope to see you soon more frequently. Your long time lurker, Ede @ Nesher
  3. As an ATI owner, I advise the same. Learned this lesson long ago. If one driver does the job for you (without any flaws) then stick to it, unless a more stable version comes out with different reviews/feedbacks stating that it's worth a new install.
  4. Too bad... I was so looking forward to this.
  5. So far I didn't have the opportunity to get my hands on this sim, but I've been eagerly waiting for this since I'm a huge fan of the IL-2 series. Too bad they published this IL-2: CoD with bugs and improper optimisation.
  6. Rest in Peace Mikhail and may the wind always be at your back!
  7. Great job mate! I love your Super Bug paintschemes!
  8. It was epic, as usual! I love the sound and agility of those new 2011 season cars! Poor Ogier, he was really close to nail Loeb's @ss, but his overspeeded corner and the ditch on the side got him really out of the game, so close to the end. Poor boy, but we've gotta admit, he has all the potential what it take to replace Loeb in the future.
  9. Good one! Keep 'em coming!
  10. Excellent new season! Hats off to Mikko Hirvonen and to Mads Ostberg (the newcomer in the "adult" WRC)!!! I love the look of the new Fiesta WRC! Simply beautiful... And for a 1st debut, it performed pretty well acquiring all first three places.
  11. At first I was thinking, wow a Super Bug just raped a Viper or vica-versa... By the end of the promo vid I was starting to like these updates/changes on the Bug, apart from that "stealthier" centerline weapon pod.
  12. It looks great! Personally, I'm more interested in the Eagle.