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  1. Thank you Tom, The video was helpful and all i need to do now is work out the appropiate control assignments, along with the modes and pinkie modifiers
  2. Thank you for the suggestion Tom, but i have previously tried those profiles and my Saitek software wont accept it has a profile. I believe it is because my X52 is the stock not the pro version.
  3. Hello fellow flight simmers, Two questions 1. What is a dat file when it comes to using joystick profiles? 2. Any recommendations for joystick profile specifically for FC 2.0 and the joystick system X52 (not pro)? Thank you for your time
  4. Shkval on the Su-25T only has two zoom settings on FC 2 unlike the manual which says it has 1x 8x 23x. Is this a bug?
  5. not to worry tom i got it working
  6. Hey guys ive been using this FC2 profile that i obtained from this sight sorry i cant remember the contributer but lately ive been making my own little tweaks and im having extreme difficulty just trying to add the combination of pinkie + button commands. Everytime i hold the pinkie down to get the menu and click on the key i wish to change it switches back and forth. Its a real pain and i havent found a way around it yet ive been lucky with a few buttons but its just really frustrating. Thanks ahead for any help
  7. I only just learned that the GBU 12 and 10 can now be loaded in the A-10A simmod in FC 2. I've searched the forums for possible instructions but i cant seem to find any Can anyone refer to a manual or just paste a couple steps on how to use it?
  8. looks awesome Tom great job
  9. Standard spin recovery for most aircraft is neutral ailerons Rudder in opposite direction of spin Power or thrusts at idle Gently push the nose over Gain speed before climbing back up again Having power full on while in the spin actually increases the rotation of the spin and makes the situation worse its the same with moving the ailerons The idea of applying full thrust to one engine to retard the spin may work i havent tried it in practice yet
  10. Sounds sweet Tom_Weiss much appreciated
  11. Hello guys, Recently had to install FC 2 again due to upgrading to windows 7 which meant i lost all my personal control settings which tooks hours to do. I used to just map the keys as i see fit and use my keyboard at the same time when flying but i wish to use the full potential of the X52 flight system. Can anyone recommended quality profiles for FC2 cause id love to get flying again Thanks
  12. File Name: A-10 Kill the Russian General File Submitter: Killa_Joe69 File Submitted: 21 Nov 2006 File Category: A-10A Kill the Russian General in this Covert Operation A-10 mission. Click here to download this file
  13. I'm having trouble trying to set up targets which show up as diamonds on the HUD. Ive been trying using the same method from LOMAC 1.2 but with no luck.
  14. so how does it work with the F-15C then do i just hit LCrtl+V and hold down the fire button on my joystick?
  15. I saw this command in the control section of FC2. Does this mean we can ripple fire the AIM-7 Sparrows and other air to air weapons?