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    Very nice addition to the hanger
    Excellent, getting better and better
    Another top quality skin, a must to replace the standard stock skin
    Stunning, one of my favourites and I've only had it five minuites
  1. This is def a five star rating, loaded and already flying ))))))))) Thank you Tom
  2. Now that is a great looking skin !!!!! Can't wait ))))))
  3. Hey Tom, many thanks for all your hard work on updating the mig 29 files I will replace and try out new skins )))))))
  4. There you go 5 stars more when the flankers start appearing )))))))
  5. Absolutely brilliant)))))
  6. That's my ride for the weekend sorted )))))))
  7. Cheers for the updates ))))))))) keep the files coming
  8. very nice too !!!!!
  9. Totally understood, I look forward to seeing all your many skins for the mig in due course. If you are able to work your magic on the flanker too that would be absolutely fabulous, it is as you may have guessed the most favourite plane for me to fly. Your previous skins for the su27 were great and if you can improve on these as well as adding a few(902 & 901) that you haven't done before I will be totally made up )))))))) I will be watching out for your posts 😉
  10. So I'm thinking would there be any chance you would be interested in doing an updated skin for me. I could really go for an accurate version of bort 902 (grey splinter) for the su27 what do you think???????
  11. Hi tom, thanks for the updated files, I will give then a go.