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  1. Dear pilots, We are delighted to invite you to participate in our first RFC event (Ravens Fighter Championship). RFC series will be organized in association with our new DCS partner The 59th ‘Ravens’ VFS, who will host this competition on their DCS dedicated servers. In this first event, we invite you to hop into a modern fighter jet to test your skills against other fellow pilots in a 4v4 single elimination tournament. Best contestants will receive ranking points (SA points) that will count toward our next event, which will feature an exciting prizepool so make sure you bring your A game in this one to reserve your slot in our main event planned for the Summer! Read About it here: http://sa-sim.com/the-59th-ravens-launch-the-fighter-championship-series-for-dcs/
  2. Guys, this great matchup is kicking off this Saturday live on Twitch. Thanks to Eagle Dynamics who generously sponsor this event, contestants will square off for a chance to win a free copy of the Normandy map! You can learn more about the composition of each team and the gentlemen who went through the prelims on Burning Skies Server to earn a slot in the 6v6 roster, watch the awesome pre-show video put together by Hook and participate in the polls to let us know about who you think will stand out and prevail in this 4th round of the Grudge Match Series. Here is the Link: http://sa-sim.com/road-to-luftwaffe-vs-rafusaf-wwii-grudge-match/
  3. The Grudge Match Series has come back for another epic battle in DCS World! This time around, Hook will take you to the heart of a 6v6 epic aerial battle that will oppose the recently released Spitfire backed by the P-51 Mustang to Luftwaffe’s dreaded Me109 and Fw190. This epic match will take place in the Caucasus map but will celebrate the upcoming release of the eagerly awaited Normandy map for DCS World as each member of the winning team will walk away with a free copy of this amazing Terrain, generously provided by DCS creators, Eagle Dynamics! We are very proud to have Eagle Dynamics on board as an official sponsor and we will do our very best to provide our viewers with an action-packed showdown on Saturday, February 18th from 1900z live on Twitch! As in the previous Grudge Match, both teams will be sharing one common target area so the main task for all contestants will be to attack enemy assets while protecting friendly ground troops. Here are a few eye candies of the upcoming Normandy map, which is still work in progress. Every player from the winning side will be provided with a free copy from Eagle Dynamics upon release. Read more on how to watch this live show here: http://sa-sim.com/luftwaffe-royal-air-force-square-off-in-a-grudge-match/
  4. LIVE STREAM IS ON! https://www.twitch.tv/hooks_stream We're over 800 peeps watching...
  5. To all DCS jocks, we’ve got exciting news for you! TAW, our long-time partner, are launching a new TvT campaign for DCS World on November 26th – that is going to be a Saturday and the meet up time on TeamSpeak has been set to 1600 Zulu! You read it right, it is a campaign and not a one-time event. This means results from round 1 like captured airbases…etc will be carried over to round 2. READ MORE: http://sa-sim.com/taws-caucasus-flag-tvt-campaign-kicking-off-soon/
  6. Whether it’s a state of the art combat jet or a prop fighter from WWII, it doesn’t seem to alter Stuge’s domination in BFM! Click for full story! http://sa-sim.com/burning-skies-bf-109-open-after-action-report/
  7. After the successful Shahdoh’s WWII campaign and in a constant effort to promote WWII air combat events for DCS World, we are proud to announce our new partnership with Burning Skies. Created and managed by “eeks”, Burning Skies features a dedicated server that hosts WW2 online battles for the DCS community alongside a live statistics software that renders the performances of the pilots in real time. Burning Skies will be organizing and hosting their first Bf109 1v1 Dogfight Tournament between October 8th and 16th, and as the name implies, the only eligible plane for this tourney will be the Bf 109 K-4 Kurfürst ! So no dissimilar air combat tactics will be required, just pure BFM skills and talent will determine who is going to emerge as the Bf109 DCS champion and walk off with the 2000 SA points counting towards the World PvP Rankings for DCS World! READ MORE HERE: http://sa-sim.com/dcs-bf-109-k-4-kurfurst-1v1-open-by-burning-skies/ SIGN UP HERE: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=174503
  8. Following the success of the first F-5 Tiger vs MiG-21 Fishbed Grudge Match held a few weeks ago, team Ramsey is pleased to announce the second iteration of this exciting PvP event. The most glowing feature about this event is that once again, it will be live streamed on Twitch and commented by Ramsey himself! We will also have Dolphin in the house! Dolphin is a real life MiG-21 pilot and it will be very interesting to pick his brain and listen to his insight about the MiG-21 in DCS in particular! We are also very pleased to announce Leatherneck Simulations has officially joined our growing list of Sponsors & Partners, and is generously providing a free copy of the upcoming DCS: AJS-37 Viggen to EACH MEMBER of the winning team in Round 2, along with an additional copy to be awarded to the match MVP! You read correctly- the winners of Round 2 will be proud owners of the much anticipated DCS: Viggen by Leatherneck Simulations! Thank you Leatherneck Simulations! We are honored to have you on-board! The event is also co-sponsored by Maple Flag Missions who will be providing free T-shirts to the winners! The battle starts in a few minutes! One thing for sure it’s going to be a blast so if you’re free this evening, grab some popcorn and hit Twitch on the link below: https://www.twitch.tv/hooks_stream Join us on Teamspeak 3 if you're up for a chat: TEAMSPEAK IP: hookshangar.teamspeak3.com:9601 TEAMSPEAK PASSWORD: grudgematch02
  9. Shahdoh’s WWII campaign hit week 6 with both teams still fighting tooth and nail but on very low resources.Commanders and their pilots are taking more and more risks in an attempt to prevail on the battlefield. While Axis have lost almost 2/3 of their armed forces, they still can rely on experienced pilots led by the current top Ace Wilzah who is the author of 6 confirmed aerial kills with no losses in 5 sorties. Axis have also a tiny bit more resources. Read more about this here: http://sa-sim.com/shahdohs-ww2-campaign-week-6-aftermath/
  10. Shahdoh’s WWII campaign hit week 6 with both teams still fighting tooth and nail but on very low resources.Commanders and their pilots are taking more and more risks in an attempt to prevail on the battlefield. While Axis have lost almost 2/3 of their armed forces, they still can rely on experienced pilots led by the current top Ace Wilzah who is the author of 6 confirmed aerial kills with no losses in 5 sorties. Axis have also a tiny bit more resources. Read more here: http://sa-sim.com/shahdohs-ww2-campaign-week-6-aftermath/
  11. This is an Allied vs Axis type WW2 dynamic campaign made of several rounds with plenty of exciting features and immersive gameplay. It runs every Saturday at 9PM Eastern Standard Time for the North American division. We are looking at starting another division for those interested but unable to participate because of timezone constraints. You just need to post what times would work best for you on a Saturday and we'll take it from there. The maiden battle took place last Saturday and Axis forces were able to gain a slight advantage over the Allied forces (See Full Report Here). The war has just begun and the next battle is expected to take place on this Saturday. Although stats are being tracked and performances counting towards the player rankings, you are welcome to join us regardless of your experience provided you can fly either a P-51, a Bf-109 or a Fw-190. This campaign has a lot of features and possibilities in terms of gameplay, please read more about it here: http://sa-sim.com/shahdohs-wwii-dynamic-campaign-is-underway/
  12. Here are a few great videos of Red Flag 4 from our Friend Bushmanni, leader of the SF squadron and one of the very best DCS pilots in the world! I’m sure many will find these videos helpful in widening your knowledge of the F-15C Eagle and honing your tactics for a fully fledged force on force battle like Red Flag. http://sa-sim.com/combat-air-patrol-over-nevada-with-bushmanni/
  13. Top Gun is a DCS online dogfighting tournament organized in association with the Art of Warfare squadron, the 104th Phoenix squadron and the 51st PVO Regiment in an attempt to provide DCS virtual pilots with a competitive environment that would allow them to practice BFM (Basic Fighter Maneuvers) and hone their skills in the art of dogfighting. In this competition, participants go head to head in 1v1 or 2v2 formats trying to shoot each other down using short-range heat-seeking missiles and internal guns only. After two successful rounds, Top Gun was back in its third edition featuring some of the finest pilots the DCS community has to offer: Defending champion Stuge achieved an incredible performance by winning again both the 1v1 and the 2v2 tournaments. His first match in 1v1 against Teknetinium proved to be his toughest; Stuge managed to score a kill in the first round with an R-73 missile but failed to exit the combat station, which forced the round to be replayed. Full article: http://sa-sim.com/top-gun-3-stuge-and-razer-blast-past-the-competition/
  14. Top Gun 3 article: http://sa-sim.com/top-gun-3-stuge-and-razer-blast-past-the-competition/
  15. Dogfight anyone? http://sa-sim.com/top-gun-tournament-is-back-in-its-third-incarnation/