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  1. Combat Simulation Balance

    Hi, I certainly hope there will be an FC3. If you look at the poll, for what it's worth in respect to number of voters, you see that FC2 and A-10C are most played. Does that mean that most people that visit this site are "LockOn" people? I don't know, I just see the outcome. Whether FC2, FC3 and DCS (KA50, A-10C & whatever module comes next)ever will appeal to a greater market? Where were these people then at the time there was only LockOn, FC1 & 2? And Flanker not to forget. Maybe it's just like in real life, there are more civilian pilots then military ones. Maybe for the exact same reasons as you mentioned. My point is that both communities seem to ask for more detailed, real life simulators. I think it's up to the developer to investigate if that also means that they'll lose costumers who switch from military to civilian. I'm not in a position where I can fly the A-10 a lot so my learning curve is very flat. And I don't have what it takes to become a fighter pilot. So this sim is my only change to get as close to the real thing as possible and I enjoy every minute of it. Despite flying like a drunk... it's still the dream of that little boy in me. Huub.
  2. Combat Simulation Balance

    Ok, just my opinion... 1. I don't understand the remark about "dumbing down". DCS offer an option to play as realistic as possible and a game play option that requires less reality in flight management. To me that sounds perfect for everyone who joins this sim to fly the sim as he or she wants. 2. Why not play LockOn if DCS is too much reality? People have been playing that sim for years and were happy with it. And there are loads of free add-ons available to make it the way you want it to be. 3. There are still regular developments coming out for DCS made by the community and if you look at the numbers, they are still downloaded. Maybe not as much as for LockOn but to me that says more about the development that has gone into DCS. 4. I haven't used the TARGET software anymore since the day I'm playing this sim with the Warthog. Before, with LockOn it was different, but now I feel I have an almost perfect combination. 5. There are loads of (commercial!!) add-ons available for FSX and X-Plane. Guess what, they all are saying that their instruments and cockpits are getting as real as possible and clickable. 6. DCS offers so much options that there are always people in the community that come up with excellent ideas on how to change things if you want to. Thanks to these I now have a position in the cockpit that feels more realistic to me. If it is the correct position or not doesn't matter, that is how it feels to me and that's how I like it. To me, DCS has set a standard that others are following. There are sims for those who like to fly civilian planes in a civilian environment and there are sims for those who like military jets. Let's hope we keep this choice in the future. And the more real world we get in there and faster CPU's/GPU's to keep the FPS up, the happier I'll be. Huub.
  3. Various Documents for DCS A-10C

    Thanks, good & very useful!
  4. What simulator do you mostly fly?

    According to Matt you'll find the timetable here: My link So I hope that this time Matt is right
  5. What simulator do you mostly fly?

    Did not see a select for "still waiting for the DVD"...
  6. FC2 HELP please!

    Hi, As I haven't done that mission myself I could only point you to pages 280 thr 290 of the Flight Manual. It will show the exact procedure including keys for various weapons. And watching the training videos of course. Hope this helps.
  7. File Name: LOCK-ON Abbreviations File Submitter: hsth File Submitted: 05 Oct 2006 File Category: for LO FC 1.1 only Abbreviations used in LOCK-ON including version 1.12a. Unzip into spreadsheet. Click here to download this file
  8. TrackIR 5 not working

    I just checked under Titles in TrackIR 5.0 and there it is: DCS A-10C. Have you updated the software lately?
  9. Testing 1,2,3 Testing

    Nice job, great looks, excellent.
  10. Brilliant!! That would be the ultimate simulator, flying sim in real environment. :OK: :applause:
  11. Think about this. Keep it as simple as possible for the next development, give the software the time to develop (bugfixing and all). Get the Su-25 and you'll have the Su-25T almost for free (I know, but sort of...). Then get the Su-27 & Su-33 in there as well and you have a full set of planes available. In my opinion there is a lot of experience in the development team on these planes and they could have a product ready in a reasonable short time. Sell a lot of copies and get working on the more complicated models with cockpits where you have 500+ pages manuals on starting and flying the plane. Mind you, I certainly would buy that but I would also like so much to have a working cockpit in these Sukhoi planes. That's why I voted for the not-mentioned ones.
  12. new TBS promo

    you mean "Correct" like "it will be available next week if they can show it already"..... :idea:
  13. new TBS promo

    What stick are they using? Could that be the new Trhrustmaster???
  14. P6T drivers for Win 7

    If your board is the P6T Deluxe V2: I have installed all the latest drivers from http://support.asus.com/download/downlo ... uage=en-us for win 7. No problems. They are all 2009 anyway so you should be save, apart from the iPod charger (that I don't have) and the latest bios which you should only install if you're having troubles with your present bios. Hsth.
  15. any good File Manager for Win 7 ?

    Hi Tom, Try this one, http://www.zabkat.com/ , there is a lite version (everything works except some exotic editor settings). I've been using explorer2 myself for years. :OK: