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  1. If true, that is lame. Anything technically part of a platform upgrade should be free. If they expect us to pay for a functional carrier module you better be able to walk around the deck, inside the island, and below deck quarters. Ready rooms and cold showers are a must... without them, no deal.
  2. Highly doubt they will release all four of those as part of the Hornet, that's just sloppy. They are looking forward to the money for the Hornet and the Hormuz map but I'll bet the carrier upgrades will be a free platform update. Expect the Hornet and Hormuz map to be two separate modules. I'd be willing to bet they are going to BUNDLE both of them together for a big chunk but they will most certainly be separate.
  3. People only buy the modules that are relevant to their liking. Even if they do they will most likely only buy a module if they A: really like it or B: it's on sale. That 800 can turn into 400 easily if they want to own every module and wait for a sale, not to mention the free $10 per module. So far I have only spent $135 total on Nevada, FC3, F-86, P-51, A-10C, and CA. Nothing else on the list appeals to me and after 10 years my experience feels "complete".
  4. I want to see the entire Caucasus map remade from scratch, BUT keep the old as a free DLC map for DCS World 2.5. I for one wouldn't mind paying $50 or $60 for a brand new Black Sea map featuring all of the Caucasus region (Crimea included). I really miss Crimea...
  5. I believe it has disbanded and one of the squadrons split off to do their own thing. You also got these guys,
  6. They did a great job with optimizing V3 but I am still waiting for 64-bit. My system still comes to a crawl with all settings on max with high quality payware addons. For an engine originally designed to run on a Pentium 4 and 256mb video card, the simulator still runs like garbage. If only LM bought the FLIGHT engine instead...
  7. Virtual Aerobatics Homepage Time Schedule Information: To users running Mozilla Firefox. If you haven't already, install Adblock Plus to block advertisements during demonstrations. Adblock Plus for Firefox is free and can be found here. Once installed, go here and select 'Add Easylist to Adblock'. For Google Chrome users, follow instructions on how to install Adblock Plus correctly here
  8. File Name: Realistic Flare Texture by Kurdt and Viper File Submitter: Viper101 File Submitted: 29 Nov 2011 File Category: Flares Version: 1.0 Other Authors: kurdt Original texture by Kurdt Tweaked by Viper Install with Modman 7.3 or extract and place texture file in 'Bazar/Effects/RenderEffects/Textures' folder Enjoy!
  10. Thankfully yes I do know about turning down the headache causing head bobble. Shooting is still mediocre though. I will keep my eye on more videos that will surface in the future. If I see anything that catches my eye and motivates me to get ArmA3, I just might.