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  1. Does anyone have this aircraft and if you do, do you have a file for Chaff. I have flares and the sound for Chaff but not visible and can't find a chaff file. Help appreciated. Pete
  2. by all means, have at it. Pete
  3. HI: Anyone using FSX@WAR. If so would like to here some comments on stability and any bugs you have found. Thanks: Pete
  4. Maybe that is why they did them so flat. They did 19 skins which seems a lot to me. If you and speckfire can do a couple of good looking skins, I think that would please the simmers using this model. I would like the test texture mainly because I am learning how to fly this aircraft right and use the Nav systems which is a slight step down from what I have been used to. When I am happy with that, I will go to tacpack and the Military looking skins. I am deleting the ones that came with the model and only leaving yours and speckfires skins in the files. What skins you both have been working on look awesome. work well in FSX.
  5. Fantastic. speckfire was wondering where else to post the textures. I gave him a couple of ideas. Maybe you could PM him and share some of your thoughts. Both of you should consider this because the 19 that come with the aircraft model as you know leave a lot to be desired. I did mention that Military aircraft for FSX/P3D is tough to find spots to show off the textures, however there has to be some forums that would appreciate what the 2 of you have done. We have a lot here but more exposure would be a great thing for an aircraft model that seems to be slipping under the FSX/P3D radar at least. DCS seems to be doing fine. Pete
  6. I know you won't release any till your happy with it. That's why your textures are so so good to look at and admire,. Pete
  7. looking very nice Tom, really fine texture work and looking forward to the downloads.LOL. I am assuming you may try another, time permitting. The TEST texture would be nice. Cough cough. Pete
  8. Thanks Tom, I had issues with photobucket but got them fixed now. Hope to see your skins next. Pete
  9. Sorry guys, had problems with Photobucket getting these loaded. speckfire, thanks very much for your skins, awesome job and these are what it looks like in FSX
  10. Tom, I can't seem to get a pic to upload, any ideas
  11. You beat me to it lol. Just open bmp Can you open the bmp files? having problems inserting pics. on page 2, open bmp files and you will see them. Any problems let me know and I will post full pics.
  12. 2016-3-9_16-32-6-374.BMP 2016-3-9_16-30-51-331.BMP 2016-3-9_16-28-48-268.BMP 2016-3-9_16-27-38-536.BMP This is in FSX:
  13. Thanks speckfire, got them both,beautifullllll.
  14. Awesome, speckfire. Any skin you or Tom do is great with me. You guys do wonderful work. Pete
  15. your welcome. I thought this Project from M2M deserved an in depth look at and I am so pleased that you and speckfire decided to, not only look at the DCS Project but also the FSX and P3D. I know I added to your work load but I knew if you saw this aircraft and it's modeling, you would show interest in it. For that I thank you both and am eagerly awaiting some skins to download. It seems to be highly anticipated for DCS and I am sure the FSX and P3D simmers will also take notice, especially after seeing some really fine skins. Pete