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  1. Civilian RF Pilot Ejects over Las Vegas The pilot ejected and survived with nonlife-threatening injuries, a spokesman for the contractor said. The aircraft was a Draken A-4K Skyhawk, one of 10 of the A-4 jets at Nellis used to portray adversaries in Air Force Weapons School and Red Flag air combat exercises, said Scott Poteet, Draken International’s director of business development for U.S. Air Force Programs. The jet that crashed was returning from a weapons school mission over the Nevada Test and Training Range north of the Las Vegas Valley, he said. It had made its initial approach to the base prior to landing and was flying toward the Las Vegas Motor Speedway when it went down near North Sloan Lane and East Ann Road, north of the base, he said.
  2. Name: A-10 Landing on Lakebed Category: AiR FORCE Date Added: 2016-07-25 Submitter: SinCityJet A-10 Landing on Lakebed
  3. Name: How To Play an A-10 Category: AiR FORCE Date Added: 2016-07-06 Submitter: SinCityJet How To Play an A-10
  4. "Lake Meade" <sic> They must mean Lake Mead. As a resident of the area covered by this map, I know I'll spot a lot more errors than I already did in the nighttime flyover YouTube video provided thus far. I'm sure their beta testers included area experts, right? (Ha!) By the way, just how long does it take to cross this new map, West to East, at Mach 1? I'm going to guess about 15 minutes. No wonder the developer keeps going back to prop planes and helicopters.
  5. Eventually, even Duke Nukem came out.
  6. Sure hope to hear from folks here how these clouds feel. Seems there are a bunch of alternatives available to give much more realistic clouds to punch through, be obscured by, and hopefully, deform when a plane passes through them... (yeah, that last one will never happen on a networked, multi-pc system)
  7. By the time they finally release Nevada, global warming will turn Lake Mead into a deep water port linked to the Gulf of California. Genius!
  8. Oh, you're getting better and better, Tom! Bare metal skins have always been tough, but this looks incredible.
  9. Nope; the Nevada terrain provided by ED more than 4 years ago was intended to be a "beta" release for pre-release buyers only. The above file was intended to upgrade that terrain provided by ED. For years, owners like me have been asking when it would arrive. Plenty of screenshots and promises, but not squat delivered to users. So, some folks have moved beyond Mother Russia's backyard and have explored the rest of the world with FSX. See TacPack information here.
  10. The middle one is stunning.. I'm so spoiled by your work; I forget at times these are not photos.
  11. Isn't this ARMA's specialty? I've enjoyed tank simulations since dropping quarters in Battlezone in malls of the late 1970's, but once simulations mastered flight, I left the tank warfare behind.
  12. Oh, I can't wait to see what "bonus" goodies I have waiting for me, because if this is correct, I have something coming: Since I bought the programs from them, and they have the programs on the ID, isn't that "registering their products?" Wow... I get something from ED? I mean... other than excuses? Answered already: My account In "USA dollar": $0,00 Thanks for.. um...