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  1. It does look like it will get the £100k, But not seen where the £375k figure came from. (I'm sure your correct) But with current state of economies, per household, that figure looks too ambitious. We will just have to be patient. I would pre-order as per the il-2 project. Can that not be started too? Flyingscotsman
  2. For what its worth there are a fair number of names I recognise over the years who have brought us excellent flight sim's. With a few of the IL-2 crew mentioned. So is this the eventual replaecment of IL-2? Could be very nice and for a starting price that is less than most other games in the market at the moment. Pity the MI-8 came out at the same time. Can't get two of these things past the boss at the moment, Will have to be patient, again. Looking forward to this one
  3. If this is to the quality of DCS so far, I'll be well impress. So far some other sims have the 262 being chased, successfully by AI Prop driven aircraft. I hope this anomaly get sorted, and yes I'll be having this one Thank you for the heads up
  4. Hi, I have moved my DCS-A-10 into the DCS World folder and got most of my skins working, thanks to those that helped. However, I had the PC Pilot A-10 training skin,(like the t-37 training skin) on the original version. I cannot get it to work in DCS World as I think the files have to be compressed. I have a folder Training Skin, and then 14 .dds files that I think need to be compressed and placed in DCS World where the A-10 Skins are. Am I correct? My freebie versions of win7/7zip do not compress by the look of things. Can I place them in the DCS A-10 folder instead? I have asked PC Pilot if they are doing an update, but they are no doubt very busy to reply regarding a previous freebie. Its not the end of the world if it does not work, it'd be nice Thank you in advance scotsman
  5. OOPS I can see the answer in the post of the next topic, my apologies, end of a long day and just thought I'd ask....will keep reading thank you
  6. I really like the European camoflage on the A-10, but I cannot get it to work. I have DCS-A10 Upgraded to 1.1.1 and I get bright orange skins with even brighter writing instead of the camouflages. I have tried it manually and with Modman, latest version but the skins by Tom Wiess are not working for me. Any idea what I'm doing wrong. Win7 home edition,SP1 nothing fancy added. Thank you in advance
  7. A-10 HUD, I find the A-10 HUD difficult to read, is there a way of increasing the size of the writing on the HUD? I use IR Tracker 4, but seem to have to get close on the DCS A10, this is not a problem with the Flaming Cliffs2 A10. Any advice appreciated Dave