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  1. The obviously beautiful skin aside, I love the composition of this particular shot.
  2. Beautiful screens. A few more from yesterday. Heading north toward Yellowstone National Park: This MegaSceneryEarth scenery is pretty well done.
  3. A few screens from a Thanksgiving Day flight with Megascenery Earth's Idaho and Wyoming v3:
  4. Does this skin now display properly or are there still issues with it? I should probably install 1.5.5 Release but...
  5. Altered LUA attached. Hopefully I'm not going to embarrass myself and be talking about the wrong skin... I've been dealing with so many...
  6. Окрас Су-27 в стиле Су-35С (новая версия) The way it looks after the suggested changes to the LUA file.
  7. Ahhh...there's always something. It's all part of their grand plan to make you spend more time with the sim...
  8. I noticed the forum thread there earlier. Interesting that none of the testers noticed the problem. Either that or it was something that didn't impact many users and, so, they chose to not fix it.
  9. Isn't that what clued us into the "fix" in the first place when we installed the 1.5.5 openbeta?
  10. Perhaps something like this?
  11. Now you're making me feel really old. I will once I get home this evening. Thanks for updating these.
  12. Well it's 9:42 AM here on a cool, damp US east coast and I won't be able to play with it myself until much later today or, possibly, early tomorrow. If I can figure it out, I'll post the solution here.
  13. In the LUA file, try changing "name_ru = "ВВС России (2016)"" to name = "Su-35S". EDIT: I'm at work and it'll be hours until I can see if that's an additional issue. If you can check sooner... That works? Never knew that.
  14. Hmmm.....interesting. It worked with the non-Tom Weiss skins I tried. But, of course, I only tried a few, not all. It's been a long time since I last installed skins. I remember them being in one of the Mods subfolders. When did they get moved to a Bazaar subfolder? Could that be the issue with some older skins?