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    As usual, high quality work from EricJ. Eric, you're part of the reason I started skinning a/c.
  1. Keep doing what you're doing! And I love the Marine tribute. Some of my heroes are Marines! As an aside, HBD Chesty!
  2. I'm extremely impressed with this skin, I've always loved weathered skins and if you look thru the download section you'll see quite a few of mine. I don't have much time to weather skins any longer but the community is in good hands with you doing skins like this. Keep up the good work, this is world class stuff!
  3. I skinned the A-10A and there are no lights on the airbrakes.
  4. That's sad news. Thanks for everything you've done for this community Jim. RIP.
  5. I agree Tom. Waiting for ED's releases.
  6. Things are looking good. With ED working hard at squashing bugs 2013 may be a good year for not only ED but the flight sim community.
  7. Apples and oranges. There are many skins and other mods that were created not using the tools whose disclaimers you quoted. I have a ton of skins I posted on this site that are 100% my artwork. I'm not the only one. The fact is, if you post a file on ED's file exchange they own it. Period. I have no problem with them making that part of using the file exchange BTW. But those who are modding and aren't using the proprietary modding tools that ED doles out to "qualifying" groups should understand what their rights are.
  8. I hope everyone gets to spend the holidays with their families and loved ones. A special shout out goes to the troops of all nations who are serving their countries but can't be at home with their families. God bless you all.
  9. Try the F-15 in a quick "random" mission. AMRAAM misses oh so eloquently. The only percentage of hits that are acceptable are from Sidewinder. Some folks will quote that the choppers fly slower so they're harder to target, but IIRC their blades leave a huge radar signature.
  10. Try to shoot them down with AMRAAM or Sparrow when they're down low, and wait till you're within the NEZ. You'll miss more than hit.
  11. In the heli fix, does it sound like they fixed the "stealth" characteristics of the helis as well?
  12. It just keeps getting better and better Jack. Thanks!