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  1. View File M-2000C Kutaisi Runway Scramble - MULTI-MISSION Mission: M-2000C Air-to-Air A2A Runway Scramble Response at Kutaisi about 15 seconds into the mission(mission received by Radio) RUNWAY START Respond to any incursions. Multiple Variable Missions - against different plane-types and 6 or 7 mission types. Good luck - Will update it later if possible. Submitter ZoomBoy Submitted 03/14/2017 Category +> SINGLE/MP MISSIONS  
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    Mission: M-2000C Air-to-Air A2A Runway Scramble Response at Kutaisi about 15 seconds into the mission(mission received by Radio) RUNWAY START Respond to any incursions. Multiple Variable Missions - against different plane-types and 6 or 7 mission types. Good luck - Will update it later if possible.
  3. Glad you found them useful. No health problems - just writing a book. A fantasy novel - about 230 pages so far. Writing here takes too much writing energy away from it.
  4. CHeck out the site http://www.ada-mod.org/adamod/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1310 Choose the link http://server.3rd-wing.net/public/miroir_AdA-mod/++AdAMod_V2.00++.rar (~240Mo)
  5. Cool Took a look at it and a lot of good stuff Will peruse more often
  6. I was not one to ever look at the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. But it was one of Tom's uploads that sparked my interest and then I waited for a sale of the FSX Steam. He uploaded a model for the deHavilland Canada DHC-6 TwinOtter Extended - Air Inuit from Aerosoft http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3016-aerosoft-twinotter-extended-air-inuit-3b-p-3b-t-3b-sw/ It was just a reminder of all the lore and tales I had learned just from knowing the history of Canada. I suddenly recognized that there had been a small hunger to fly above my home and native lands (Canada) The story of Canada is more geography than history. The Far North, the Laurentian Shield and the Rockies are all steeped with winter tales of flying daring-do. Popular Culture Much more than American or European popular culture, there is a certain romance(covering a gritty realty) of frontier cultures. Not just the Canadian North but various places in the world served often only by aircraft. Beyond the end of the road. From Russian Siberia to distant landing strips in Brazilian jungles (be careful when googling "brazilian landing strip"), there are many regions between total isolation and a freeway connection. Tough places that require tough people to get it done. And another cultural feature is there being are a lot more television shows in Canada like Arctic Air (http://www.cbc.ca/arcticair/) and Danger Bay that feature these types of flight tales . And following the recent trend of reality-TV shows about working people, there is Ice Pilots NWT(http://www.icepilots.com/). Interesting and it digs down into the details that propeller-heads like ourselves really like. A recent episode had the ground-crew of Buffalo Airlines trying to fit urgently-needed generators into the cargo bay of a DC-4 and flying a water-bomber to Turkey and training a Turkish crew for the sale. Loaded a Default DHC Beaver Not yet willing to shell out cash for the Otter, I chose the default DHC Beaver plane, winter conditions, and tried to take off from the runway. No go Apparently it is a float-plane. Float as in water. Needed water for that but I was fooled because I have seen combo float-ski planes. But there was also something about the winter terrain. Something austere and moving like when I had flown the original IL2 campaign in winter. I then tried flying on another location (showing an anchor at the location) and lifted off for some touch-and-go's on the water. Conclusion So I will occasionally take a whirl in the sky flying through winter and having a gentle good time. All I need now are ski kits modded onto my MiG-21 and I am ready to go.
  7. After Tom's welcome to MudSpike, I decided to wait a bit to see what it was like and to see what was offered. There's not much "press" for simulations out there. A lot of sim coverage is watered down in the popular web-press. Any list of simulations on Steam or Origin will have a long list of Sims4 packs/expansion but not much of the stuff we love. Overview Opening its doors in January 2015, the Mudspike web-site is a collaboration between contributors Chris "BeachAV8R” Frishmuth, fearless frog, and Erik "EinsteinEP" Pierce. It covers hands-on sessions, reviews of missions and campaigns, After Action Reports, Retro-looks, Reviews, and Tutorials & Reference. It is well-organized with a well-considered and very polished layout. There's already been a good amount of content developed with a wide range of subject areas. They even included a few retro features on Stealth Fighter 2 and Silent Hunter 4. As much as a graphics whore as I am, I have to admit I was transfixed back in the day by the graphics and, of course, by the emergent game-play. The Mudspike name comes from your wingman calling out a SAM that has pinged him; a warning to watch out and get ready. After Action Reports This is an an exciting part of the web-site where a mission or campaign is run through for the by a Mudspike contributor. I have often seen them in war-game forums. They usually take the reader into the depths of the game. And it's done deeply enough that experienced flyers will recognize the difficulties facing any flyer. And for those beginners who have not gone deep into the flight sim as yet, they can get a measure of the full flying experience. Moar please. Tutorials or References One thing that we flight-simmers get to discover is new systems and new methods. It is not an Easter Egg or a quick trick, but a full extension of the flying experience. Mudspike has a few of them and I look forward to more. I have tended to do more of the tutorials. Just by pointing to one system or one tool, the new or even experienced flyer will expand their flight experience in new directions. My favourite tutorial was the Ka-50 Sending Buddy To Recon (http://www.lockonfiles.com/blog/10/entry-169-ka-50-recon-by-buddy/) With a few key-strokes, you have another tactical option(sending your wingman to scout out targets/threats) and a way to get an excellent view of the battlefield. It has its risks but that is the fun of it. And finding a tool like Tacview Flight Recorder (http://www.lockonfiles.com/blog/10/entry-38-tools-we-use-tacview-flight-recorder/) can allow you figure out what the heck just happened. Certainly very useful when I have been shot down in my MiG-21 Certainly the After Action Reports also fulfill this role as the experienced sim-mer tells us how he got into trouble and how he got out of it. Conclusion A very good and polished web experience and web-site. Lots of excellent content and a great place to visit. Take a look for yourself - http://www.mudspike.com/ I have it included on my Favourites Bar. Thanks to the Mudspike crew.
  8. Another part of the Beach Prep Missions Project (same mission - 3 different aircraft) was also to see if I could measure the usage people get out of the different missions. This would give us a small picture of the DCS flight sim community. So, for the last 2.5 months, I have been tracking the # of downloads per day for these 3 missions to see if there are any patterns. The Three Missions The mission is based on the having a beach assault that the aircraft have to support with their firepower. Lots of explosions and targets and was well received. They were all uploaded within 3 weeks in December 2014. And then I started to measure the daily downloads from the DCS User files Reflections on Beach Prep: http://www.lockonfiles.com/blog/10/entry-172-beach-prep-missions-lessons-learned/ Download Ka-50 Beach Prep Mission - http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/2961-ka-50-beach-prep-sp-mission/ Download A-10C Beach Prep Mission - http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/2967-a-10c-beach-prep-sp-mission/ Download Su-25T Beach Prep Mission - http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/2978-su-25t-beach-prep-sp-mission/ Raw Download Data As you can see from the raw download data, the A-10C started the data-collecting period with about twice as much community interest as the other aircraft (Russian Ka-50 and Su-25T). This is carried over to the more direct comparison below - all missions starting from zero after the first flush of interest. Download Since Day Zero Here you can see that the interest in the A-10C sim-flyers remains high. The extra American interest probably accounts for the A-10C dominance but I was surprised by the mid-range interest in the Su-25T above the Ka-50. But upon reflection there are reasons for the higher Su-25T interest: It is free; it is a regular airplane, and the Ka-50 has a somewhat steeper learning curve for basic handling. On a personal note, I have always enjoyed the Su-25T's handling - it is not more agile the A-10C for example, but I can feel its response very well and I can feel the plane in the world much better. This was also the case with the Black Shark Ka-50 after I had learned to handle it properly. Daily Usage - Days of the Week The last set of data and the most interesting was to see downloads by the days of the week. Going into this project and from my regular usage of games, I expected more downloads on the week end little variance. But I was surprised by the sustained interest across the week by the A-10C. Having a larger A-10C community using the DCS User Files system probably accounts for that. And the other piece is that there appears to be a spike on Friday by all users to the same level. I suspect that Friday is used to look through the content data-base and downloaded for playing later in the weekend. Conclusion It was a fun exercise that gave a bigger picture of the DCS community. It also allows us to reflect on how and when we fly.
  9. That is bad news. Sorry to hear about it. But that is the value of communities - they spring up everywhere there's human connections - including software. It's human; it's what we do. Thanks to those people in the AvSim community who are looking towards continuation of the efforts of Tom Allensworth.
  10. There is always a search for content. I have created many missions for others and they are appreciated. But one interesting method of creating good and fast content is converting a mission or campaign for one plane to another aircraft. One campaign Dirty Rotten Flieger a,k.a. JustinCWood had that bright idea. He converted the MiG-29 campaign "Over the Hump" from the Mig-29 to a MiG-21bis. As per his notes: he swapped out the modern planes and reduced the missile loads to equalize the firepower. "The missions are perfect length for MiG-21 with drop tanks. Just take off and fly 90% till your flight catches up . This way they will not spend all their fuel on afterburner catching up to you." You can download this MiG-21bis updated campaign "Over the Hump" http://www.digitalco...n/files/895430/ MiG-21bis Forum discussion - http://forums.eagle....ad.php?t=138720 Campaign Forum discussion - http://forums.eagle....ad.php?t=131424 Kudos and good thinking. A mission The idea was also done by Angst who uploaded the Mig-29 GCI mission modified for use with the Mig-21. http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1252297/ Lessons from My Conversions In the past I have taken the older Lockon A-10A mission-packs I completed and then used them for the basis of Su-25T mission-packs. The Su-25T were carrying out the same tasks but had different tools than the A-10A. The missions had to be amended and tweaked but it was fun. Recently, at the request of Lockonfiles user Freak, I created a full beach assault mission for the Black Shark Ka-50. I then turned it into a full project with conversions first to the A-10C and then the Su-25T. What I learned from that project is that conversion can be a fun process. But there is a difference between something you do for a bit of flying fun and something you offer up to other flight-simmers. When I did the A-10C version, it received a negative and detailed response - that would be called play-testing. I had assumed too much about the A-10C from the success of the Ka-50. Sure, both aircraft destroyed things, but the much more static Ka-50 had a much higher level of information feed-back than the A-10C. Much of the corrections were about connecting the A-10C to action/results on the ground. See the discussions about that process and lessons learned Mission Atmosphere - http://www.lockonfiles.com/blog/10/entry-167-atmosphere-ka-50-beach-prep-mission/ Reflections on this Project http://www.lockonfiles.com/blog/10/entry-172-beach-prep-missions-lessons-learned/ Ka-50 Beach Prep Mission - http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/2961-ka-50-beach-prep-sp-mission/ A-10C Beach Prep Mission - http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/2967-a-10c-beach-prep-sp-mission/ Su-25T Beach Prep Mission - http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/2978-su-25t-beach-prep-sp-mission/ Conclusion So, keep an eye out for interesting missions in other aircraft. If those aircraft do the same category of air-task, it would be a chance to swap in your preferred aircraft and have some fun. And maybe provide a bit of content for the community I am currently working on transferring some Su-25T Lockon mission-packs from FlamingCliffs 1.12 to the DCS World package. More content, yaa!!
  11. My MiG-21bis was lifting up and it was time to pull in the the landing gears. I began to Hit G Hit G Hit G - Uhh, where's the sound telling me that gears are up and we are ready to rock. Ok, maybe I should look at the manual. When all else fails, read the manual Gear Basics The MiG-21-bis system is not a auto-magical one. It is connected with extra buttons and switches to prevent the stupid from happening. The gear actually has three positions - Locked / unlocked / Neutral position We are used to electrical actuators and activators but like other 2nd generation fighters the MiG-21bis system uses mixtures of of electrical, compressed air and hydraulics systems. And for landing gears, you are going to have mixed systems Procedure Find the Gear Handle Fixator and flip it up (R-Shift - G) - this unlocks the Gear Handle (which starts in the Neutral position) Right-Click on the Red Gear Handle to finally retract the Landing Gears - You should hear some thumps indicating they have been retracted. There is also the Gear Lights Panel And finally you have to set the Gear Handle to the starting Neutral position - this is so that the compressed air will not be used up. It is also used for things like drag chutes and brakes to try and stop this thing when you land. It was not easy to remember all the key-stroke variants for up/down/neutral and locked/unlocked, but after doing it in the cockpit, it was much clearer and natural to get it right. Of course, I had to test the limits of this system. I do not know if the Leatherneck Simulations designers had the full measure of intelligence to design all the limits. But I was going to use my stupidity to test the gears. Step 1 - Lift the Gear Restraint Step 2 - Move the Landing Gear up to the top position (gear up) Step 3 - Hear the gear doors open to let gear inside the air-frame Step 4 - KRUNK! Step 5 - Hit F2 to survey the failure - see below Step 6 - $$$$ So, it means you really have to go that extra step of stupidity to make it NOT work. Overall, I found it best to use the cockpit buttons directly and forget the key short-cuts. There's lots of buttons but it works well. With the A-10C, I have a near total HOTAS solution but do not mind using a keyboard short-cut - with so many buttons in the A-10C cockpit, a button is a button. Fun stuff
  12. Dirty Rotten Flieger a,k.a. JustinCWood had a bright idea. He converted the MiG-21bis campaign "Over the Hump" from the Mig-29 to a MiG-21bis campaign. Swapped out the modern planes and reduced the missile loads to equalize the firepower "The missions are perfect length for Mig21 with drop tanks. Just take off and fly 90% till your flight catches up . This way they will not spend all their fuel on afterburner catching up to you." Download MiG-21bis updated "Over the Hump" http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/895430/ MiG-21bis Forum discussion - http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=138720 Campaign Forum discussion - http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=131424 Had a slight hiccup. Unzipped it to but did not see it in my Campaign User TAB I had loaded it into Campaign Builder, put some verbiage in the Campaign Description Over the Hump (MiG-21bis version) by Dirty Rotten Flieger's Mig-21bis adaptation of MiG-29 campaign. and did a File Save AS - it showed up right away UPDATE: Dirty_Rotten_Flieger has tweaked the Campaign User to work, adjusted some AWACs and missile load-outs. Kudos Great Stuff!
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    RIVER CAMP - Mig21-bis Single Player Mission: MiG-21bis Air-to Ground Mission NKVD has discovered elements of Georgian Rebels hiding in the Turkish mountains. We have tacit approval from the Turkish government to silence them in their river camps. - Find them between Waypoint 3 and Waypoint 4 - Prioritize Buildings and Trucks - Check the briefing map Replayability: Varied camp locations and defences 2 versions - Ramp-start and Air-start