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  1. Bought a uber modded cougar, then about 1 year later just got me a warthog. All I can say is the warthog is smooth. I used CH for about 10 years and finally said bye bye to it, in the process of selling them.
  2. Have you guys tried out sweetFX?
  3. I currently use a uber modded Cougar and have a full CH (Fraken-Potato) set up as back-up.
  4. I've been away for a while also, can't wait to hear the new sounds. Just heard the F-15 in FC3 and it sounds pretty good. I only heard the start up cause I don't have my hotas up and running and had to ask how to start it up.
  5. Good luck, if you need any help let me know. I mod my sounds in both FC and BMS to not hear the engine, maybe a faint sound.
  6. If the F-15 sounds like the F-16 from inside the pit, then you can't really hear the engine. Those sounds in that video is not what the pilot hears. All these realistic cockpit sound mods are not correct. The pilot has ear plugs and a helmet on.
  7. Many people wonder the same thing, a F-16 and or F-18 would have brought more people to the game.
  8. In what the KA or a jet?
  9. I remember reading a book about F-15E's in DS1 and they talked about picking up copters at over 30 miles and they dropped a bomb on it right as it was taking off. Here is the link to the book
  10. No one knows what you are trying to say.
  11. Nice set up and good luck with getting transferred over.
  12. Forever alone How is work going hitman?
  13. I knew you were into men! I hope they fixed some of the things that has been messed up for years.
  14. I'm staying with W7 for a long time.