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  1. TacPack Update (2/21/17) Note: if you also own the Superbug, you should update that SECOND, after the TacPack An official update ( is now available for your version of the TacPack (and Superbug) with support for P3D v3.4 Hotfix 3 ( as well as other fixes. Note that if your license is for the FSX version of the Superbug, it will (as always) not function under P3D without a dedicated P3D license and vice versa. However you are still urged to upgrade since other minor issues may have been addressed for both platforms, and support eligibility requires that you be on the latest version. DOWNLOADING This update is available from your VRS Customer Page. In order to download from your customer page, you will need your product license ID and customer password (found in your sales invoice) along with a current maintenance subscription (1 year from the original date of purchase or renewal). If your maintenance period has expired, you may purchase an extension for a nominal fee from your customer page. Updates may also be acquired from the VRS support forums (registration required) at no cost, however we request that you read this article in order to access them. TACPACK CHANGES: DOCUMENTATION:
  2. Development is complete and beta testing has been underway for some time, v4 is real. According to rumor release of v4 could take place as early as this Friday, February 24th. Moving to 64bit is a major update - and this release will therefore not be free, it is important to stress that moving to a 64bit platform may bring many backward compatibility problems with FSX & P3D v1, v2 and v3 add ons. We know that Orbx and Aerosoft tested v4 and Orbx officially announced that it is sure that its add ons will not have any issues with v4 and confirmed that they will update them for free : There are no official LM announcements yet.
  3. nice colors & shadow effect ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. This FSX/P3D Hunter collection features the F.6 and the definitive FGA.9 ground attack fighter variant, modelled in great detail and each with their own Virtual Cockpit representative of the type as operated by the RAF. Features include 13 high quality paint schemes, authentic sounds, multiple detailed animations, a deployable braking parachute on the FGA.9, retractable reticle gunsight, 3D gauges and accurately modelled electrical, hydraulic and fuel systems. The saying "If it looks right, itโ€™ll fly rightโ€ certainly applies to the Hunter, with its graceful flowing lines and curves. The Hunter, which entered RAF service as an interceptor and was the first jet-engined aircraft designed by Hawker, was sold to air forces around the world, all of which were impressed by its outstanding performance and manoeuvrability. First flown in 1951, the last aircraft in military service only retired in 2014! The Just Flight Hunter features the F.6 and the definitive machine, the FGA.9, modelled in great detail with multiple animations including the correct landing gear sequence, flap actions, airbrake, canopy and a realistic animated pilot. The detailed engine fan is visible through the intake mouths and the models include other highly detailed areas such as flap recesses and gear wells. Details such as boarding steps, wheel chocks, pre-flight flags, and Ground Power Unit are included. There are two highly detailed virtual cockpits, one for the F.6 and the other for the FGA.9. 13 liveries are included, covering both British and overseas air forces. Take a look at Greg McKenzie's cockpit panorama for a full 3D tour of the Hunter cockpit!
  6. View File DCS FC3 F-15C 71st FS IRONMEN copy this folder to Bazar\Liveries\F-15C that is all DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE MADE BY TOM_WEISS WWW.LOCKONFILES.COM Submitter Tom_Weiss Submitted 02/16/2017 Category DCSW FC3 F-15C Skin  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    copy this folder to Bazar\Liveries\F-15C that is all DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE MADE BY TOM_WEISS WWW.LOCKONFILES.COM
    excellent !!!
  8. Thanks !!! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  9. View File DCS Mirage 2000C Israeli Air Force The Flying Dragon Sqn 1 versions - worn + added weathering TO INSTALL place in ...:\Program Files\the developer\...\CoreMods\aircraft\M-2000C\Liveries\M-2000C made by TOM WEISS Submitter Tom_Weiss Submitted 12/11/2016 Category Mirage 2000 Skins  
  10. 1.5.6
  11. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am finishing the F-15C update this weekend, come Monday I'll start on the MiG-29A/S.
  12. 4 more added today
  13. In the next few days I'll upload all the skins
  14. The New MegaSceneryEarth New York V3 featuring unsurpassed image sharpness, scenery color and clarity, improved scenery features with accurate additional water bodies and topographical data and the latest aerial imagery available taken in 2015. Fly the entire state - BORDER to BORDER - of New York State in photoreal detail. New York State is 54,556 square miles in size and has 442 airports. You'll see everything that you see in New York in real life in the scenery. This is a massive area. As an added bonus, we now provide all the VFR and IFR charts in digital PDF format to enable you to get the most out of your scenery. This includes TACs and Sectionals, IFR enroute charts and 457 page book of Instrument Approach plates, Airport Diagrams, SIDs and STARs. The charts are downloadable along with your scenery files. Some of the cities and landmarks you'll get to enjoy as you explore New York State include: Cities: New York, Albany (Capital), Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse Lakes: Ontario, Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Great Sacandaga, George, Chautauqua Mountains: Adirondacks, Mt Marcy, (5,305 Feet), Algonquin Peak, Mount Haystack, Mount Skylight, Dix Mountain, Iroquois Peak, Boundary Peak and a total of 50 mountains above 4,000 feet. State Parks & National Forests: Dozens of them! Major Rivers: Niagara, Allegheny, Genesee, Oswego, St Lawrence, Black, Delaware, Mohawk, Hudson. Some Other Major Landmarks & Highlights: Niagara Falls, Lake Placid, Finger Lakes, The Adirondacks. Discover the rest of it all for yourself! There's a LOT to see! This is a download edition with the option to order a DVD disk set (10 discs). When you order the DVD disk set you will still receive download links. If you do not wish to download, simply wait for your DVD to arrive in the mail. Note: There is some variability in image quality in some areas due to source imagery (particularly around Long Island). You will receive a free upgrade when we are able to source better imagery to replace the variable areas. THIS TITLE COMES WITH A FULL SET OF FAA AERONAUTICAL CHARTS FOR New York IN PDF FORMAT. Here's what you get (download links for charts will be given to you with your product download): SECTIONAL CHARTS: New York & Montreal TERMINAL AREA CHART: New York HELICOPTER ROUTE CHART: New York LOW ALTITUDE IFR CHARTS: ELUS-29/ELUS-30, ELUS-31/ELUS-32, ELUS-33/ELUS-34 HIGH ALTITUDE IFR CHARTS: EHUS-9/EHUS-10, EHUS-11/EHUS-12 AIRPORT FACILITY DIRECTORY: A 69 PAGE PDF BOOKLET APPROACH CHARTS & AIRPORT DIAGRAMS: A 457 PAGE PDF BOOKLET
  15. View File DCS F-5E Yellow/Orange Parachute 2 Versions : 1 closer to Orange color or 1 Yellow color before: } name = "... add to description.lua this: {"F-5E3_parachute", 0 ,"f-5e3_parachute_TOM",false}; {"F-5E3_parachute_1", 0 ,"f-5e3_parachute_TOM",false}; {"f-5e3_parachute", 0 ,"f-5e3_parachute_TOM",false}; that is all made by Tom Weiss Submitter Tom_Weiss Submitted 02/07/2017 Category DCSW F-5E Skin  
  16. Version 1.0.0


    2 Versions : 1 closer to Orange color or 1 Yellow color before: } name = "... add to description.lua this: {"F-5E3_parachute", 0 ,"f-5e3_parachute_TOM",false}; {"F-5E3_parachute_1", 0 ,"f-5e3_parachute_TOM",false}; {"f-5e3_parachute", 0 ,"f-5e3_parachute_TOM",false}; that is all made by Tom Weiss
    well laid out template, with separate layers for lines and rivers - in 9 parts which makes it a bit challenging.
  17. โ˜บ๏ธ sure will - I have an F-15C skin to make first, then I'll start work on the template