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  1. slowly I've been updating these past couple of months the skins specular template - one a day the last few are done they were batch uploaded so there is no change in the download pages, you can find mine among many others here: the skins are the same - but they work now in 1.5 and 2.0 and reflect correctly.
  2. his mod was originally payware so I don't think there are any other mods available
  3. Since the new Normandy map is about to be released , I uploaded updated versions , all are based on real life captured Bf109
  4. usually it is only the latest
  5. yes - like all the others, which also have the new specular file. there are 2 download links, one for the (early) Soviet and the other for the Russian Navy version.
  6. Thanks - you can rate at the bottom of the download page
  7. View File DCS MiG-29A Russian Naval Aviation MiG-29A and MiG-29C version MiG-29A Red Fleet (Soviet Fleet) MiG-29C Russian Naval Aviation (MiG-29K) copy this folder to their correct folder: to ...:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Bazar\Liveries\MiG-29A at is all DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE MADE BY TOM_WEISS WWW.LOCKONFILES.COM Submitter Tom_Weiss Submitted 03/11/2017 Category DCSW FC3 MiG-29 Skin (new model)  
  8. Russian Naval Aviation WIP
  9. Accu-Sim Update 4_13_2017 DOWNLOAD ***NEW*** A2A Simulations Accu-sim update is live on the forums right now for Accu-sim customers to download and update. Grab the download right here; DOWNLOAD 3/15/2017 - 4/13/2017 CHANGES: T-6: - Fixed artificial horizon knob, fixed altimeter knob in rear cockpit - Fixed VOR gauge, the needle no longer track GPS flightplan if GPS is turned off - Made a change that hopefully resolved a looping NAV switch sound bug on some machines P-40: - Added some missing sounds that may cause a CTD upon landing - Emergency hydraulic circuit fixed (need to open emergency valve on lower left cockpit floor) - When on jacks with battery turned on, inertia wheel no longer winds up Spitfire: - Added some missing sounds that may cause a CTD upon landing
  10. Our thanks to all who contributed to pay our website Quarterly Fees: JDLinn,Jeff3163,Jodandawg,SinCityJet, Supercic, Zoogie45 and Zoomboy and a few of you who donated anonymously it is thanks to guys like you , specially ( once again ☺️ ) thanks to Zoomboy that we manage quarter after quarter for these past eleven years, to keep our website open, it would not be possible otherwise.
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  12. Thanks !!! don't forget to rate it πŸ™‚