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A2A P-51H In Development with partners

By Guest, 03/27/2012

Hello everyone.

This is a project that has been in the pipeline for a very long time, going back and forth from front burner to back burner as other schedules are met. We are pleased that it is, however, continuing to progress with the help of some incredible organizations.

The Chanute Air Museum houses many aircraft, including the restored P-51H "Heatwave." I urge everyone to visit their sites when you can, just keeping an eye on how they are doing. These guys are in the trenches, fighting the good fight in keeping history alive. I hope everyone supports some aviation-related organization. If you are young, then being a volunteer is a great way to get involved. There is nothing like growing up around aviation and these aircraft are disappearing forever. But it's not just the aircraft, but about the people who fill these organizations. If you don't have an organization close by, you won't find a better place than the P-51H Heatwave project at Chanute.


Czech Master Resin have an enormous fleet of high-quality models. It's amazing how similar 3d artists are to those who create physical models, like CMR. Both share the same passion in re-creating these aircraft. The have done superb research on the P-51H and this has helped this project come alive too.






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