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    • DCS World 2.0 released
      By: Scotsman · 08/28/2016
      We've waited 10 odd years for this, IMHO it was good money well spent, we will get updates, we can make our own scenarios. and the cost of getting to Las Vegas, is a bit steeper, need to take a reality pill. The aircraft are far superior in general to the generic FSX, and I for one will be putting my money with this lot...and I'm  Scotsman.. lol
    • DCS World 2.0 released
      By: Marky78 · 08/15/2016
      Shame it costs about £40/$50 for a training area map terrain just to try this out. Pretty steep if you ask me considering you also pay for aircraft as well and they aren't cheap either.
    • P3D EF2000 preview
      By: Tom_Weiss · 03/10/2016
      It would be great if he did it - he just started making payware add ons, so I guess it will be a long while before he seriously considers doing anything else than FSX-P3D, and that market is much bigger than DCS and he can continue to be independent if he stays in it.
    • P3D EF2000 preview
      By: carss · 03/09/2016
      It's great but I don't think it'll even be needed to make this DCS compatible since I believe there already is a Eurofighter Typhoon under development. I wonder when that will be out though :/
    • Falcon 4 released on STEAM
      By: Tom_Weiss · 02/11/2016
      no - the original one BMS seems to be in contact with the new owner, maybe ... who know, we might see something unexpected taking place, BMS as an official Falcon 4 mod ?