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Il-2 BOS

25 Aug 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Developer Blog #76


This time we give you He 111 H-6 for the early access. This magnificent aircraft completes the IL2BOS hangar making it all 10 planes that we planned to create - and we did it.

Also we update the game version implementing massive changes in the multiplayer, improving its technical features. We count on performance improvement however we don't know yet how big this improvement will be.


And for the first time since the beginning of early access we add community-made content - it's the Novosokolniki map for multiplayer.


Read more on the forum.




Best Wishes,
The IL2: BOS Team


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Prepar3D v2.3 Update Now Available

14 Aug 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Updates to Prepar3D v2.3 are available in both a patch to an existing v2.2 installation, or as a new installer from your Purchased Downloads page. If you are a current Prepar3D v2 user, as with all v2 updates, there is no charge to upgrade. Please be sure to read the download and installation instructions so that you have a seamless upgrade and update process. The Prepar3D v2.3 update highlights include:


  • Dozens of rendering and performance optimizations and updates
  • The inclusion of the v2.2 ‘hotfix’ that caused the Flight Planner to crash
  • Several new features in the multiplayer system
  • An update to the ‘ultra’ 3D water libraries that increase immersion and realism while improving performance
  • A new panel serialization feature that saves the state of your panels and gauges when you save a flight or mission, so that you can resume training in the same conditions that you left with
  • Three new tutorial missions that highlight the flexibility and power of SimDirector as a virtual instruction tool
  • Several new updates to SimDirector to further it’s position as the industry leading desktop virtual instruction suite



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Our Thank You

19 Jul 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Our thanks to all who contributed to pay our website Quarterly Fees

  Golfsierra2 , MrDirt , Smootheader , popfly ,Oeasau, SMOKKIN-1CAV-, Madbird, Ronald_267748 and to two members of our team: Hitman and Zoomboy

it is thanks to guys like you ,  that we manage quarter after quarter for these past nine years, to keep our website open
:icon_applause:   .



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Developer Blog #72

18 Jul 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

The traditional Friday update is waiting to be deployed for you later today. And while Loft and Jason are on their challenging business trip visiting the America’s most popular gaming media, we here at the studio are preparing all kinds of improvements for BOS.

Ammocounters that many of you have been waiting for are going to become available on both Bf 109s and on Ju-87. A nice improvement has been made to the DM - it is now possible to cause damage to enemy’s machine guns and cannons and practically disable them. There are also going to be visual changes - you’ll notice that we’ve implemented vapour trails and wingtip trails that often appear when a plane reaches critical angles.

FW 190 A-3 that some of you are eager to see in the game is planned to be released next week. And as we’re doing our best to make it happen, check out a short flight video featuring the fighter.

To all owners of the Standard edition who hasn't purchased any additional planes yet - La-5, the first Premium fighter is already available. You can buy it separately and enjoy flying it both in Quick Missions and in Multiplayer mode of the early access version.



Read the Dev blog on the forum.

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FSX new owner is ... Dovetail

09 Jul 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

The award-winning creators of the best-selling Train Simulator franchise have today announced a global licensing deal with Microsoft, granting them the rights to develop and publish all-new flight products based on Microsoft’s genre-defining flight technology. The company is currently investigating new concepts in this area and is expecting to bring a release to market in 2015.

In addition to this licensing agreement, Dovetail Games is pleased to announce that it has also acquired the rights to distribute the multi-award winning Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Gold Edition via Valve’s popular digital retail channel, Steam, entitled Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition.

First released in 2006, Microsoft Flight Simulator X is widely acknowledged as one of the most popular simulation products on the market. Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition will include the Deluxe Edition and the Acceleration Expansion Pack in one bundle. Dovetail Games will bring Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition to the Steam online gaming platform for the first time in late 2014.



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revised backer´s rewards news

08 Jul 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

a bit of good news from Matt Wagner :



Dear all,

We have been listening to the good and bad feedback from yesterday’s announcement and we recognize that we made a mistake. We agree that it is not fair that someone that already purchased P-51D or Fw 190 should be forced to receive them again when there are other project aircraft they prefer. We apologize.

As such, we are in the process of redesigning the backer’s page to allow you to choose the aircraft YOU wish. You will get a number of aircraft selection slots based on your contribution level as listed in the list below.

If you earlier paid a shipping cost, it will be added to your total pledge amount.

Bronze Backer credit in manuals

Bronze Backer credit in manuals
One aircraft of choice and print-ready PDF manual
Normandy Map

Bronze Backer credit in manuals
Two aircraft of choice and print-ready PDF manual
Normandy Map

Silver Backer credit in manuals
Three aircraft of choice and print-ready PDF manual
Normandy Map

Silver Backer credit in manuals
Four aircraft of choice and print-ready PDF manual
Normandy Map

Silver Backer credit in manuals
Five aircraft of choice and print-ready PDF manual
Normandy Map



this in my opinion addresses all the main concerns voiced by the community and is the best that Eagle Dynamics can do in the circumstances.

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DCS WWII kickstarter in tatters

08 Jul 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Having just recently seen its project leader Ilya Shevchenko leave we now have further developments in DCS WWII : its Kickstarter is now in tatters and is having its rewards radically restructured.


The pros and cons of this are being endlessly debated at ED forums and at SimHQ , with a higher degree of Moderator-inflicted lethality on vocal dissent at ED forums :laugh: this is certain : its   restructuring only affects the 2,553 backers of the project and that after two other kickstarter fails , it ends any further use of it in our community.


A few facts at this point are clear, that 'kickstarters' will receive :


(edited) http://www.lockonfil...s-options-news/


All these rewards and more would otherwise be free to those that paid more than $40 had the kickstarer seed money not fallen in fallow ground.


Being happy or not about all this, is not going to change the fact that this project did not necessarily end well and does no credit to anyone involved.


But we are all by now used to this kind of drama in our community. In the end the flyables will be released, some people will pay for them some not etc. etc. thus proving that the more things change, the more they stay the same.


to avoid further controversies, this topic , while no doubt an entertaining subject - is closed.

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JimMack Trophy 2014: And the winner is ...

08 Jun 2014
Posted by golfsierra2 In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Thanks to all who voted. The poll is closed and the trophy goes to




for his numerous graphical mods and tireless testing for ED


He received 20 votes. I will contact Mustang for his mail address and sent the trophy to him.



  345 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by Tom_Weiss )

AVSIM reports that MS has sold the FS franchise

08 Jun 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles


Jun 08 2014 07:11 PM | Tom Allensworth in News
This article has been viewed 1371 times.

AVSIM is being told by multiple sources that Microsoft, after years of dickering and sometimes murky intentions, has sold the license to the FS franchise. We are not able to name our sources, but we can say they are authoritative and have been involved at various times in pursuing acquisition of this license.


We can also tell you that the licensee is not one that we would have thought to have been a logical candidate in terms of direct knowledge of the product, leading us to conclude that this licensee had the deepet pockets. We will be providing more news on this story as it develops. We look forward to an official announcement at the E3 coming this week.




We can also tell you that the licensee is not one that we would have thought to have been a logical candidate in terms of direct knowledge of the product



meaning that the buyer is not Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin's P3D in its latest 2.2 version is way ahead of FSX in terms of development and still has backward compatibility with most FSX 3rd party add ons - P3D is in fact FS 11, so not being Lockheed-Martin is big news to all those in any way connected with FSX.


Today we have two FSX versions : LM has FSX Mk2 and MS has FSX Mk1, any new IP owner/developer can now change completely that scenario with consequences to all 3rd party developers as it will not only own the IP for FSX but will be able to create a new flight sim in no way compatible with FSX and in future terminate the free to create philosophy that made FS so popular  .


So this development is not necessarily good news to our community and can indeed be bad news to all 3rd party developers who can end up having to pay a license fee or/and a percentage on every sale to its new owner, which was what MS had in mind when they developed that FSX replacement dud, MS FLIGHT.

  1,221 Views · 4 replies ( Last reply by Tom_Weiss )

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