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  • kevmPhoto
    F-18 VFA-204 flyable mod for 1.02

    kevm - Today, 08:56 PM

    cool looks awesomeikr the su33

  • Tom_WeissPhoto
    A2A P-40 Flying Legends Little Jeanne

    Tom_Weiss - Today, 12:33 PM

      File Name: A2A P-40 Flying Legends Little Jeanne File Submitter: Tom_Weiss File Submitt...

  • -243HT-RaptorPhoto
    DCS Massive MP sim.

    -243HT-Raptor - Yesterday, 11:40 PM

    Thats ok it would be nice if they could do something like that though.

  • -243HT-RaptorPhoto
    F-15C sound Update teaser video

    -243HT-Raptor - Yesterday, 11:38 PM


  • EricJ56Photo
    A-10A FT 75-308

    EricJ56 - Yesterday, 08:25 PM

    http://www.lockonfiles.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display§ion=screenshot&id=2975 F...

  • IronhandPhoto
    Fun With High AoA

    Ironhand - Yesterday, 03:26 PM

    .... What speed did you fly there? 170 km/hr. It surprised me that I could go that slow and n...

  • FreakPhoto
    Fun With High AoA

    Freak - Yesterday, 02:08 PM

    Nice! I've tried this too, but I'm not that good. Flew "formation" ( I suck at close formation so...

  • IronhandPhoto
    Fun With High AoA

    Ironhand - Yesterday, 01:44 PM

    Just exploring controlling the Flanker while holding a high AoA in level flight. I actually flew...

  • Tom_WeissPhoto
    Totally clear cockpit glass, possible ?

    Tom_Weiss - Dec 16 2014 11:44 PM

    I did not try to make one, but yes, it should be possible as there is a file for it.

Latest Discussions


12 Dec 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

For those that are new to it or never bothered with it, P3D/FSX is about the experience of flying and weather is a big part in this.  OPUSFSI aims to provide realistic weather and I reviewed it to find if does that.



  329 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by Tom_Weiss )

I can't log in or create an account FYI

10 May 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: Messages (Guest)

If you are having problems creating an account here - the problem is not on our end, it is your Internet Provider's fault.


It is a bother but we need to filer accounts for Spam , otherwise we would get flooded by it. If you can't create an account, your IP may be being flagged as having been used by a spammer, check your IP here:






if it is, you will be having difficulties registering not only here but elsewhere as well , request a change of IP.


many countries in Asia, Poland and the Czech Republic  tend to block validating emails  - we know that and after a short while we ourselves validate those accounts.


We provide several means to create an account - if all fails : open a Gmail account and use it to log in.


Twitter, Facebook, Steam all have their problems, if you can't use them to log in and can't create an account : open a Gmail account and use it to log in.


After creating a new account you should immediately receive a validating e-mail, if you did not receive any  : we run a Spam check on those accounts and then we validate those that are OK . This is usually done in less than 24 hours, you will know that your account is OK when you don't see any messages like this one in our front page.


( and don't use disposable email accounts, don't use only numbers as an username : that is considered as SPAM and is a sure way to get your IP flagged as SPAM. We don't use your email for anything else then for validating an account )


And if you have an account, browse logged in.

  3,182 Views · 0 replies

Edge is awesome!

09 Dec 2014
Posted by -243HT-Raptor In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

This is what is to come.

  436 Views · 18 replies ( Last reply by Freak )

Having Fun with the Su-27 Flanker

15 Dec 2014
Posted by Ironhand In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Spent an enjoyable few minutes this morning with DCS's Su-27. Not exactly an air show routine--not nearly good enough for that. Just having fun. I love the way this bird can climb and turn. I watched the replay from outside the cockpit and decided to see what it'd look like as a video. From the results I'd say I have some experimenting to do with video formats. Not at all smooth but decided to publish, anyway. So, for anyone interested, it's on the Flankertraining YouTube channel.
And here, of course:




Hope you enjoy it.




  62 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by Tom_Weiss )


08 Dec 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

With DCSW v1 now nearing the end of its career, how happy were you with it ?


votes are anonymous , poll ends when DCSW v2 is released :)

  295 Views · 4 replies ( Last reply by Home Fries )

new Blog @ LockOnFiles

07 Dec 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Diveplane started a new blog and here is a sample if his work


you can read more about it here


  84 Views · 0 replies

DCS v2 maybe , Nevada Map and MiG-15Bis delayed , Hormuz not yet

04 Dec 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

The developers of DCSW released a status report on the progress of some of their projects



DCS World 2 Status
Work continues on DCS World 2 with progress on file structure, clouds and other effects, changes to the front-end GUI, and of course improvements to performance. We are still striving for a late-December 2014 release, but if debugging takes longer than we hope, it is possible that the release could be pushed to January/February 2015. As always, stated dates and timeframes are our best estimates and not promises.


Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) and Strait of Hormuz Map Status
Our map team is solely focused on the NTTR map right now. As mentioned in the last newsletter, the team has been having to do a lot of work adapting terrain textures and shadows since the map assets were moved from the terrainviewer tool to DCS World 2. How the terrainviewer tool and the DCS World handle light and shadows is quite different and made the NTTR map in DCS World look an odd yellow hue. In this way, the NTTR map has certainly been a test-bed for us using the new maps tools. While this and other map issues are being worked on, our map 3D modelers have had the time to add Las Vegas McCarren International airport. If time allows, we also hope to also add Tonopah Air Force Base (located in the northwest corner of the rand and it would provide great CONTANT PEG missions).


 DCS MiG-15bis


Development of the MiG-15bis has been going well but not fast enough to release a quality product by the end of December 2014. Rather than push it out too soon, we are going to keep it in the oven a bit longer and release it in the first quarter of 2015.


there are no news as to when they plan to release skin templates for the F-86F, FW190 and Bf109 , no news about the DCS WWII add on , none about the status of the P-47D and we don´t know yet if the December 2014 release of the Spitfire is still on.

  404 Views · 9 replies ( Last reply by Tom_Weiss )

Aerosoft F-14 X released

04 Dec 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Aerosoft has released today the F-14 Tomcat add on for FSX and P3D :



The F-14 is without a doubt one of the most impressive aircraft ever build.  When you walk up to one the first thing that strikes you is that it is big, it’s enormous for a military fighter aircraft. But you also see how beautiful it is, with the smooth flowing lines and the two massive engines. It really needed a high-end version in FSX/P3D and we are happy to release one. It’s complex and not for the fainthearted, but when you master the Tomcat you can join the virtual battlefields. Because, of course, it is fully TacPack compatible!







Please note that the images made with the TacPack logo were made on a system that included that great extension to FS.


  216 Views · 0 replies

Global ATC Simulator Trailer HD

02 Dec 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

  210 Views · 3 replies ( Last reply by golfsierra2 )

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