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Flankertraining on YouTube

22 Nov 2014
Posted by Ironhand In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Just a quick note to let folks know that I've started a Flankertraining channel on YouTube. Right now I'm just uploading some of the old FC 1.x tutorials that are still relevant for FC 3. I hope to break some time free to add new content in the near future. Whatever I do will probably be short but, at least, it'll be new. :)




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25 Oct 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Eagle Dynamics Graphics Engine or EDGE,  recently the butt of so many jokes and the mishandling of its PR by the representatives of the developer, seems to have progressed very well indeed.


Some 4 years ago, together with the announcement of the then new DCS A-10C it was offered as a bonus package to those that bought the Beta version.


Back then it was known only as the NEVADA map add-on, but it gradually morphed into a completely new graphical environment also able to support new maps for DCSW.  

Bellow are some photos of a Flanker using EDGE, posted by a member of SimHQ




Fog, lights, shadows and the quality of the colors all point out that this radical overhaul of the graphics engine is indeed nearing completion , personally, I can´t say if the wait was worth it, but it certainly will completely rejuvenate DCSW.

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Our Thank You

20 Oct 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Our thanks to all who contributed to pay our website Quarterly Fees

KillerKrash, SMOKKIN-1CAV-,  WarHorse47, Strut, Dan, golfsierra2, simonj, Barra, Oesau, Fox3, Inda, rumpelhardt and Zoomboy

it is thanks to guys like you ,  that we manage quarter after quarter for these past nine years, to keep our website open
:icon_applause:   .

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Prepar3D v2.4 Update Now Available

29 Sep 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Lockheed Martin released today a new update of Prepar3D, it includes numerous fixes and can be installed either as a 103MB patch to an existing v2.3 install, or as a new install (10.6GB) .


Prepar3D previous update (v2.3) was released recently, in August . That shows that Lockheed Martin is indeed committed to continually improving Prepar3D.


You can download it ...  ... HERE


(*) a quick test: I installed the patch and it seamlessly updated P3D and I ran it afterwards without any problems and with all add ons still installed.

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a control panel for the SU-25T

29 Sep 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

One member of our community finished a prototype control panel for the DCS Su-25T - a great way to enhance immersion and make sim flying a completely different experience.





I have finally completed, and successfully tested, my prototype control panel for the SU-25T. This thing is an absolute blast to fly with! No more guessing as to what keys do what ... or if your ECM or IR Jamming is on or not.


The reason I built this is two fold, 1) I am a commercial pilot (FEDEX Feeder C-208s) and would much rather prefer an actual switch (that's labeled no less) over combinations of key strokes on the keyboard. 2) I'm an idiot and can never remember what I bound the generic switches on my HOTAS to or what all the keyboard combinations are. It really pulls away from the feeling (and is rather time consuming) when I have to look up on the cheat sheet to see what key strokes do an action

I really enjoyed building and testing this control panel, and will be taking orders from anyone who may be interested in one. 


All that is needed is 2 free USB ports, SVMapper (or something similar) and a desk that has a lip to it so the two clamps can hold the panel down firmly. The "brains" of this control panel are 2 Leo Bodnar BUO836A's. This control panel houses all the keys that the SU-25T uses (except for communications and views) 


As you can see in the pictures, the flat portion fits the throttle to the X-55. It also fits the Thrustmaster throttle.





you can read more about it ... HERE

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DCSW new Map revealed

11 Sep 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

The developers of DCSW confirmed the news posted about the Hormuz area, announced to be released in late 2014 : 'DCS: Strait of Hormuz map coming in winter 2014'






it is a very interesting area with lots of possibilities for further expansion - and very suitable for Carrier Ops. A welcome relief for those suffering from Crimea fatigue.


You can read more about this   ... here

  3,458 Views · 26 replies ( Last reply by IEGB )

Il-2 BOS

25 Aug 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Developer Blog #76


This time we give you He 111 H-6 for the early access. This magnificent aircraft completes the IL2BOS hangar making it all 10 planes that we planned to create - and we did it.

Also we update the game version implementing massive changes in the multiplayer, improving its technical features. We count on performance improvement however we don't know yet how big this improvement will be.


And for the first time since the beginning of early access we add community-made content - it's the Novosokolniki map for multiplayer.


Read more on the forum.




Best Wishes,
The IL2: BOS Team


  529 Views · 5 replies ( Last reply by Hitman )

OpusFSI released

10 Sep 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

OpusFSI is the follow on product to OpusFSX and includes the following additional features,

    - Enhanced Live Weather Engine.
    - Live Weather Assistant (LWA) enhanced with various zoomable geographic map options together with superimposed flight plan route, wind speed arrows, turbulence data, aerodrome locations, customisable aircraft symbols and much more.
    - LWA weather maps and reports can now be generated before a flight has been loaded.
    - New Cloud Associations option creates pseudo cloud layers that are not often reported in the METARs but are typically associated with certain cloud types and conditions to provide an even more realistic weather interpretation.
    - Coordinated wind and temperature target schemes have been introduced to greatly reduce the number of forced weather updates during the climb and descent.
    - Selective Update mode introduced to minimise FSX cloud and wind shifts.
    - Faster GRIB decoding and processing.
    - Improved Live Camera editing and management



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DCS World News

04 Sep 2014
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

News , lots of good news , were posted today by the developers of DCSW giving us an idea of what to expect these next few months and in the immediate future.


The best news is that it is now official - DCS: F/A-18C Hornet is in the works and the DCS: MiG-15Bis as well. The Nevada map is also being integrated and there is a lot more.


You can read it  ... here

  1,741 Views · 6 replies ( Last reply by Tom_Weiss )

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