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      Hello everybody,

      the Afghanistan theatre is a new extension for FSX@War that I have been working on over the past few months along with the help of Bovsam.

      Four major afghan airports have been realistically modelized based on photoreal data: Bagram, Kandahar, Shindand, Kunduz. Delaram Helobase and Bandar Helobase are also included as well as some more friendly strategic sites such as army camps or ammunition depots for example. On the other side, there are 36 terrorists camps and some more key sites controled by terrorists. These are located in small valleys or mountains which will make your missions quite challenging sometimes.

      Two missions, made by Bovsam, are also provided : « Pressure on Dowshi » and « Capture of Mohu ». These missions are quite challenging and they will probably push your skills to the limits. In the first mission, you will have to stop the enemy advance and to protect Dowshi ammunition depot. In the second one, you will have to help the friendly ground forces to regain control on an area that is currently controlled by enemies. Because tactical situation is very complex, you will often have to rely on the JTAC that is marking targets with smokes or laser pointer.

      Depending on your interest, I may improve this theatre : Herat airbase, Kabul airport and some other could be modelized as well as some more terrorist camps and strategic sites. Bovsam could also make new missions.

      If you have enjoyed this theatre and you would like to donate, please consider making your donation here : https://www.icrc.org/en/donate. I don’t want to make any money of this real conflict and your money will be far more usefull over there.

      Download link :https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9j0mP4Mehrla2pKTkVEa3NBcXc/view?usp=sharing

      Enjoy ! ;)

      Black thorn

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      UH-1H Audio Production Mod 3.0


      the password is in the download page


      //UH-1H Audio Production Mod 3.0///////////

      "WORKS IN VER 1.5"

      freeware -free version , do not redistribute. copyright@ 2015.

      Authentic UH-1 audio productions

      inside and external audios.

      powerful distant rotor effects.


      zip password is uh1h



      UH-1H Audio Production Mod 3.0


      Why is the file encrypted with a password? What does one need to do to unock?

      check the key bindings - the one for firing AAM in Russian Planes is not the same as the one for the F-15

      When flying the F15C in DCS FC3 and DCS world 2 I am unable to launch any A-A missile when I have a lockon. Only the cannon fires with the programmed keystrokes for "weapon release" or "weapon fire". I also notice that in the cockpit the weapon master switch is in the "off" position but this switch is inactive. Any suggestions appreciated?

      On 5/4/2012 at 3:46 PM, LockOnFiles_Team said:

      DCS World Crimean AW Su-25T Skin Pack v1


      -- 1 --




      you need to add to each of these countries the entry for the Su-25T




      -- a --


      -- USA

      search for :

      local units = country:get("USA").Units

      after it, add:

      cnt_unit( units.Planes.Plane, "Su-25T");
      cnt_unit( units.Planes.Plane, "Su-27");
      cnt_unit( units.Planes.Plane, "MiG-29A");
      cnt_unit( units.Planes.Plane, "MiG-29S");


      -- b --


      local units  = country:get("ISRAEL").Units

      do the same


      -- c --


      local units  = country:get("GERMANY").Units

      do the same

      -- 2 --




      search for :

      VFSTexturePaths =

      after it, add:

      ".\\Bazar\\World\\textures\\CAW Su-25T AGRS BLACK by Black_Hawk";
      ".\\Bazar\\World\\textures\\CAW_Su-25T by Black Hawk";
      ".\\Bazar\\World\\textures\\CAW_Su-25T SWAF by Brewber";

      it is now ready to use.


      read me updated to work with DCS v1.5 and DCS v2.03

      P3D/FSX Screenshots




      FSX Embraer A-29B Super Tucano <updated>

       -This package contains all the files of the original package with sound now being directed to "sound.SASC208FSX" and the 2D panel to "panel.wide" folders. If you want the original sounds or 2D panel make the applicable changes to the aircraft.cfg)

       -Although the originally included textures remain in their ported DXT5 format the "RCAF" textures have been converted to .dds files and to save on the file size    a "texture.cfg" file has been added to the that directory (meaning only textures that have been changed have been added to the archive.)

       - All original "readme" files can be found in the "Documentation" subfolder of the A-29B folder.

      WARNING: If you already have the A-29B, installing this package *will* overwrite files including the aircraft.cfg! So if you have made changes to files either back up or move your existing A-29B installation folder out of the "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" folder all together and sort through it afterwards. It is beyond the scope of this document or its author to render any assistance in that matter (in other words you are on your own!)


      Again, back up any existing A-29B installation files and folders by moving them out of your flight simulator directory!

      1)Extract the downloaded "Tim Conrad_A-29B_updated.zip" archive to a temporary folder of your choice.

      2)Drag and drop the contents of the "SimObjects" folder from the extracted archive in step one to your Microsoft Flight Simulator\SimObjects folder in Windows Explorer. (default FSX install location is usually "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X" or if you have a 64 bit system: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X" (NOTE:these locations may vary by operating system the above are default locations in Windows 7)

      3)Drag and drop the contents of the "Gauges" folder from the extracted archive in step one to your  Microsoft Flight Simulator\Gauges folder.

      Further enhancements and additional files:

      • Daniel Gauthier's Cockpit sounds V2 (utilizing Doug Dawson's dsd_fsx_xml_sound, v5.2.0).
      • Luiz Alvarenga's 2D wide pane - with updated panel.cfg and additional gauges by Micheal Pook and panel background bitmap changes by Gary Moore.
      • SkyHigh Simulations Pratt and Whitney PT6-114 turboprop sound pack (Adam Murphy).
      • New Aircraft and cockpit views (Gary Moore).
      • One additional "fictional" Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) texture scheme (by Gary Moore).
      • Tim Conrad's A-29B Super Tucano package (ported to FSX version) with his original (un-retouched) textures.



      DCS World Screenshot Thread


      DCS%202016-08-22%2010-25-16-28.jpgDCS 2016-08-22 10-23-18-37.jpg

      What's New in Version 1.1:

      1.1 normal and specular template updated

      added Opération Daguet Desert Version



      What's New in Version 1.1:

      1.1 normal and specular template updated

      added Opération Daguet Desert Version



      What's New in Version 1.1:

      1.1 normal and specular template updated

      added Opération Daguet Desert Version


      What's New in Version 1.1:

      1.1 normal and specular template updated

      added Opération Daguet Desert Version

      M2K AdA Cigognes D.jpg







      thx for your answer.

      i understand now, everything is ok. The name of the 2 folders made me think it was a mistake, that's why i didn't test it !

      your skins are awesome. Thx a lot