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      that is what I am also getting with mine, the more people take part, the better it is :)


      using fearless frogs torrent am getting steady constant download speed of 665kb/s , that is outstanding for my cable package i have.

      old download was terrible was averaging a  06kb/s to 30kb/s . my machine was on all night not even half way downloaded garbage set up from the developer team, they need to set up better servers in future.

      if you use this

      you will also dl more quickly, the problem right now is that the upload speed of the torrent is too slow, that is why we are getting slower dl speeds.


      ok someone with a brain finally uploaded NEW nttr map as a torrent share file, am getting a nice download rate now,

      get the file here.

      ......................................................from dcs forums fearlessfrog

      Hi Everyone!

      I bet that title got your attention, so now we just need to make it true..

      In talking to c0ff and "the developer", a couple of us suggested we could do a community torrent to help out people that are struggling with download speeds of the NTTR 26GB part. I know that's not the only part, but I figured everything would help. This would just be a one-off thing to help out in the short-term, as c0ff is busy fixing things up as part of the alpha. It isn't how updates will work normally.

      The idea is this:

      - PM me here (i.e. don't reply on the thread) if you have a seedbox with good bandwidth available and want to help. Let me know your capacity in terms of upload bandwidth etc. If you have a good seedbox then I'll send you a CDN'd http link of the completed torrent (I kept them before the updater removed them). Someone (I guess with the best connection) will create the initial torrent and then a small group of community minded folk will seed it to get things going.

      - I am uploading an archive of the NTTR map at the moment (it'll be about an hour), which is 99% complete (I'll explain that bit in minute). Once we get organized then others will seed that too and we'll release it to everyone. This means my single source is not crushed. I'll post the torrent info in this thread for everyone as soon as we are ready.

      - The torrent can be used in any bittorrent client (transmission, utorrent etc) and you can also continue to download any existing torrent or HTTP download (so don't cancel!). It is just the NEVADA terrain part, and not the complete install. If you can, please seed it and help everyone out.

      - Once the torrent is done and hopefully it will be well seeded so it'll be nice and quick, then the instructions are:

      (a) Take this NEVADA_terrain.common directory from the public torrent and place it in your DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\_downloads\.torrents directory.

      (b) Start the updater with a 'bin\dcs_updater install NEVADA_terrain' and it'll find the almost completed files, verify that everything is correct and then download that 1% it needs. 

      (c) We all go to Vegas sooner.

      Thanks to "the developer" and c0ff for letting this experiment happen. Remember, this is just providing a fair chunk of the data, not updating DCS so hopefully a nice short-cut for all!




      he says its 26 gig, according to my torrent downloader the file is 22.4 gig, coming down nice fast for me now the map anyway.

      oh ic we need to download that last 1% via updater , got it now.

      DCS Add On Install NEVADA NTTR terrain

      View File

      To install

      copy the *.BAT file



      paste it in and run it !


      ...:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\bin