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Free Falcon 6 released

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Free Falcon 6 released

11 Apr 2012
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FreeFalcon 6.0
Published on 04-09-2012 10:00 PM

We are releasing FF6. FF6 contains FFViper.exe, some DB updates, and some new high resolution skins for F/A-18 Hornet by Red1. For those that have already downloaded ITO2, FFViper.exe2.3.3.44 was delivered with that package so FF6 shouldn't represent anything most of you are not already familiar with. What FF6 does do is allow other theaters to take advantage of some the new theater switching features that older theater were not built to accommodate. In addition we are also re-releasing Taiwan and Balkans. Again, these do not represent anything new just bringing these theaters in line with FF6. We are also issuing ITO2 with some updated DB material; new Royal Saudi Air Force F.53 Lightnings, Royal Saudi Air Force F-5E and their associated cockpits, weapons tweaks, radar tweaks, and some new skins for the F/A-18s by Red1. lastly, We are re-issuing a reworked Aegean Theater by Eagle611 who was kind enough to grant us permission to develop his theater for FreeFalcon. Again, there is some updated DB material, new Greek and Turkish a/c models and skins, some weapons and unit tweaks, significant reworking of the campaign folder data and one working campaign full of lots of ground and air activity. THis release should not be considered a final product but rather a late Beta with updates sure to follow. Due to the significant downsizing of our development team I would like to encourage anyone interested in becoming a developer/beta tester to please contact me. Further, we have several future theaters planned and if one of the following interests you, please let us know what you think you might like to do to contribute. Theater under consideration for development include; Falklands Theater, Vietnam, Nevada Theater, and Peru Theater.

================================================== ==========================

FreeFalcon 6.0 INSTALL

This is a one-click-install, you do not need anything else. Our uninstaller is very efficient, be sure and back up any of your files, log book or profiles that you intend to keep. After you install I suggest that you enter Falcon, effect your changes, set up your hardware and then exit.

"Download the FreeFalcon 6 Installer onto your desktop. Use 7Zip to extact the files. It will automatically create a folder on your desktop open this folder and inside will be two files. The FreeFalcon6.0_Installer and the Source.FF5. DO NOT move either of these files, they must reside in the same path(folder/location) for the Installer to work.

Launch the FreeFalcon6.0_Installer.

(It is recommended that you keep the original download for future Update releases in case a Re-Install is required.)

Install procedure:

1. FreeFalcon 6.0


2. FreeFalcon Cockpits
(optional but recommended)


================================================== ==========================

Theater Install

The theater installers are also one-click installers. Just download the installer and follow the same basic process of unzipping the *.7z file and then clicking on the *.exe file and the installer will do the rest.

Theater Links:

1. Balkans Theater:

2. Taiwan Theater:

3. ITO2:

4. Aegean Theater:


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