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Featured Downloads

  • RICARDO HD KA 50 English Blue Cockpit   By RICARDO

    Not a modman MOD.
    Just drop the file in the : DCS world folder
      please read the read me file
    If you like this mod please rate it.
  • Air Distortions Audio Production 1.0   By Diveplane

    ////////////////////////////Air Distortions Audio Production 1.0////////////////////// "WORKS WITH 1.5" freeware -free version , do not redistribute. copyright@ 2015.   .........adds newly modded audio air distortions for jets   =airbrake =landing gears =wings     .......................................   zip password = distort   .......................................   video demo below       .......................     please donate via paypal   diveplane1@gmail.com     thankyou.
  • Barthek's GTM 8: SUMMER   By Barthek

    GROUND TEXTURES MOD 8 SUMMER   This file is freeware ! you can download it at NO cost * if you would like to support Barthek as a mod maker, you can make a donation  (*)       (*) 100% of this donation will go to the Author to help support him as a mod maker , this is not a donation linked to this mod or any other mod made by him. * PLEASE DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE !!!   INSTALLATION GUIDE 1. If you're using any terrain mods, please deactivate them to avoid potential complications. 2. Download the MOD in JSGME-ready package from this website. 3. Unzip the content to your JSGME mods folder within your DCS main folder. 4. Activate the mod in JSGME. You can find a great tutorial on how to do that here - thanks Ebs!   I address my sincere thanks to all beta testers and Tom_Weiss for making this possible.
  • Skulleader P-51D Cockpit V1.7   By Skulleader

    Here my Skullear P-51D Cockpit V1.7 DOWNLOAD: Skulleader P-51D Cockpit V1.07 | Update: 05/04/2015 JGSME compatible. I want to thank Zaelu for his support. My Mod is perfect with the mudspike's Mod, for information if you want used the mudspike's Mod "ONLY" installed this file: p51d-cpt07.tga because it's for the gauges Here the Mudspike's Mod adress: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/498734/ Thanks, Skulleader.