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  • Real Sound DCS A-10C By -243HT-Raptor

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    Hello my fellow pilots, to day is the day many of you have been waiting.
    The time has come for cheap unrealistic sounds to go and be replaced with real power.

    The GAU8 growls like it should.
    The Fan in the TF34GE100 has a good grinding sound at high RPM.
    The Turbine screams and whistles.

    The explosions and effects are new and powerful.
    Also cockpit environment is balanced and realistic.

    Weather you are taking thrill rides, or pounding some tanks
    you will enjoy this sim like never before.

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    "Ricardo's HORSE of WAR" is a cockpit mod for World A10C.
    This is the updated version for DCS 1.2.7 with panel corrections.
    It's a heavily worn HD cockpit made with photographic references from Afghanistan's Warthogs.
    Most of the files have twice the size of the original's.
    That enables extreme zooms in with track ir.
    Install it with JSGME for DCS World
    or just follow that path

    DSC world/Mods/aircrafts/A-10C/cockpit/ressources/model/textures/  
    and replace the file ""
    with the one with the same name in the last box of the unziped file.
    of course backup that file before replacing it.
    Enjoy flying in the dust and sweat pit.
    And please rate it. it doesn't seems important but your enthusiasm is a good fuel for motivation!
  • A-10A C Audio Production Mod By Diveplane

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    //////////////////////////////A-10A C Audio Production Mod///////////////////////   freeware -free version , do not redistribute. copyright@ 2015.   video demo
  • UH-1H Audio Production Mod 3.0 By Diveplane

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    //UH-1H Audio Production Mod 3.0///////////

    freeware -free version , do not redistribute. copyright@ 2015.

    Authentic UH-1 audio productions
    inside and external audios.
    powerful distant rotor effects.

    zip password is uh1h

    ................. demo links below of 3.0 mod in action...

 keep future mod projects coming..plz........

    $ donations accepted payable via paypal to


    enjoy diveplane 2015.