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Featured Downloads

  • DCS Ironhand Guide   By EricJ56

    Guide for engaging SAMs/AAA in the DCS: World environment.
  • F-15 Ground Attack capability   By Slipp

      I've made a mod that enables the ground attack capability on F-15C.
    It will add dumb bombs and rockets to your F-15C, which you can deploy by pressing "7" and then using CCIP for targeting. Installation is very simple; -Place the default.lua here: \DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\Flaming Cliffs\Input\f-15c\keyboard -Place the F-15C.lua here: \DCS World OpenBeta\Scripts\Database\planes  
  • F-15C ADVANCED   By Henry Hell

    MOD: F-15C ADVANCED v1.0  (FC3 DCS World 1.5)
    Weapons:  Mk-84 Bomb  (pylons 2-10)  activated with key '7'
                      AIM-54 Missile A/A (pylons 4-7)
                      LAU-131 with 7 rockets (aim-9p attribute) - Fictional.  (Pylons 5-8) - Tail hook (activated with key 'LAlt+G') - Aircraft carrier operations (takeoff and Landing)  -  (Powered by  Markinde) - Some cockpit HD textures (Powered by RICARDO)
    Unzip and paste folders in game installation directory.
    Have Fun !!
  • Colored roofs   By Vitez

    This mode changes the default buildings textures with colored roofs and some colored building walls. Installation: replace file Buildings_textures.zip located here ->
    your HDD drive eg. C:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\terrains\CaucasusBase\vfstextures , or the corresponding JSGME folder