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  • RICARDO HD KA 50 English Blue pit By RICARDO

    This new version of my KA50 english Black Pit has been adapted to DCS World.
    Most textures have been reworked with real blue metal painted textures.
    Not a modman MOD.
    Just drop and replace the original file in the
    DCS world/Mods/Aircraft/Ka -50/cockpit/Resources/Model/Textures/Cockpit/ KA-50Textures.zip
    BUT backup this original file first.
    If you like this mod please rate it.

  • F-15 Ground Attack capability By Slipp

    I've made a mod that enables the ground attack capability on F-15C.
    It will add dumb bombs and rockets to your F-15C, which you can deploy by pressing "7" and then using CCIP for targeting.
    Installation is very simple;
    -Place the default.lua here: \DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\Flaming Cliffs\Input\f-15c\keyboard
    -Place the F-15C.lua here: \DCS World OpenBeta\Scripts\Database\planes
  • DCS Ironhand Guide By EricJ56

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    Guide for engaging SAMs/AAA in the DCS: World environment.
  • DCS World Environment Audio Production 1.0 Mod By Diveplane

    //////////////////////////////DCS World Environment Audio Production 1.0 Mod/////////
    "WORKS WITH 1.5"
    freeware -free version , do not redistribute. copyright@ 2015.
    increases default environment audio levels.. version 1.0
    zip password = windy
    video demo link
    please donate thank
    you via paypal
    enjoy diveplane 2015.
    :>).. .