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  • Tom_WeissPhoto
    DCS TF-51/P-51D KLu H307

    Tom_Weiss - Yesterday, 08:22 PM

    :) upload finished, it is ready to download

  • LeonskiPhoto
    DCS TF-51/P-51D KLu H307

    Leonski - Yesterday, 07:46 PM

    Awesome! :happy:

  • Tom_WeissPhoto
    DCS TF-51/P-51D RAAF Sharkmouth

    Tom_Weiss - Yesterday, 07:21 PM

    http://www.lockonfiles.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display§ion=screenshot&id=3062 F...

  • Tom_WeissPhoto
    DCS TF-51/P-51D Old Crow #2

    Tom_Weiss - Yesterday, 07:21 PM

    http://www.lockonfiles.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display§ion=screenshot&id=3061 F...

  • Tom_WeissPhoto
    DCS TF-51/P-51D Moonbeam McSwine

    Tom_Weiss - Yesterday, 07:20 PM

    http://www.lockonfiles.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display§ion=screenshot&id=3060 F...

  • Tom_WeissPhoto
    DCS TF-51/P-51D Marinell

    Tom_Weiss - Yesterday, 07:19 PM

    http://www.lockonfiles.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display§ion=screenshot&id=3059 F...

  • Tom_WeissPhoto
    DCS TF-51/P-51D KLu H307

    Tom_Weiss - Yesterday, 07:18 PM

    http://www.lockonfiles.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display§ion=screenshot&id=3058 F...

  • Tom_WeissPhoto
    DCS TF-51/P-51D Israeli Air Force

    Tom_Weiss - Yesterday, 07:17 PM

    http://www.lockonfiles.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display§ion=screenshot&id=3057 F...

  • -243HT-RaptorPhoto
    lua. sound scripts Questions

    -243HT-Raptor - Yesterday, 06:01 PM

    So Ive been working on a new idea for a sound mod.What I've doe is completely re-map the sounds f...

Latest Discussions

Our Thank You

Yesterday, 12:35 PM
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Our thanks to all who contributed to pay our website Quarterly Fees

Fox3, PBB, Sutty, Supercic and Zoomboy

it is thanks to guys like you , specially to Zoomboy and Supercic -  that we manage quarter after quarter for these past nine years, to keep our website open
:icon_applause:   .

  17 Views · 0 replies

TacPack and Superbug for P3D released

04 Apr 2015
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

VRS TacPack and F/A-18E Superbug have been made compatible with Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D® Academic (v1.4 through v2.5 HF3) - you can find more information here:





  468 Views · 6 replies ( Last reply by Tom_Weiss )

Tom Allensworth Passes Away

05 Apr 2015
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

 He was a great guy and will be missed.


It has been learned that Avsim´s Founder Mr. Tom Allensworth has passed away from a terminal illness this morning April 4th . We wish to address our deepest sympathies to Toms family and his many friends here at Avsim , we have lost our founder and good friend .

The announcement came from a family member , you can add your condolences here:



  132 Views · 0 replies

DCS World news - February 2015

27 Feb 2015
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

The developers of DCSW posted some interesting news about where they stand in developing new add ons as well as DCSW v2/Edge:


- DCS World 2 and Edge seem to be nearing a public release, in alpha release format.


- DCS: Nevada Test and Training Map is almost finished, it is hard to believe it, but it seems to be true.


- DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt (and not DCS: Spitfire IX) will be released first, the 'when' is not so soon apparently.


- DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Air to Ground radar is progressing well


hopefully after so much waiting we will indeed see some tangible progress and that will makes us all happy.


to read the newsletter :


  856 Views · 15 replies ( Last reply by Tom_Weiss )

DCS F/A-18C news

02 Mar 2015
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

In an effort to revert some expectations on the progress of their next module - the developers of DCS posted some new info and screenshots of the F-18 cockpit a few days ago , it is good to learn that it is indeed not a mythical module ;)


No, it’s not a myth. Work on the Hornet continues with great progress on the air-to-surface radar. The real beam mapping mode is just about done, and once complete, the team will start work on the various sub-modes. This has been a critical new technology that had to be developed from scratch for this project.
Included in this newsletter is the current status of the 6 DOF cockpit. It is still very much a work-in-progress but project development is now accelerating.




  405 Views · 0 replies

DCS MiG-15Bis released (Open Beta)

25 Feb 2015
Posted by Hitman In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

In the Open Beta today!

Changelog of 1.2.15

DCS: MiG-15bis beta release


DCS World


- Update to the sound system and sounds of various aircraft.


- Excessive delay of AI aircraft launching follow-on air-to-air missiles shots have been addressed.


- Ejected pilot now has the correct national flag instead neutral.


- Implemented radio frequencies for the VVS (USSR) 1940th.


- S-24 rockets will now use the APU-68 launcher on all aircraft that uses this rocket.


- Fixed the crash when disembarked troops would be killed by explosions near it.


- WWII aircraft. Adjusted shaking on the ground.


- WWII aircraft. Fixed pilot not dying of oxygen starvation.


- Su-24MR. Corrected payloads and hard points.


- Crash with accidentally hit [RSHIFT+\] ("Communications: Receive Mode") is fixed.


- Multiplayer. Incorrect airbase names that appear on the F10 map on the info panel after connecting to the server a second time is fixed.


read more :

  564 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by Tom_Weiss )

LockOnFiles Themes

25 Feb 2015
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Just a reminder - you can choose which theme to display, we are using now a blue backgroud as default, but you can revert to a white one, the link is at the bottom of the page.



  371 Views · 0 replies

Installing P3D v2.5

18 Feb 2015
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

I rather have a root canal done than re-installing P3D or FSX as it is a laborious, time consuming rather frustrating experience. It is fraught with dangers specially for those that want it back being 'just the way I am used to and like it to be'.


A few days ago P3D v2.5 was released without a patch install - that means a full new install. At first I hesitated, but since Lockheed Martin is the type of developer that delivers, I decided to do it. Curiosity got the better of me.


The results were excellent and the process was smooth , I wrote a short guide on how to do it, you can read it here.

  2,745 Views · 3 replies ( Last reply by Tom_Weiss )

Prepar3D v2.5 Update Now Available

12 Feb 2015
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Prepar3D v2.5 is now available as a new installer from your Purchased Downloads page. If you are a current Prepar3D v2 user, as with all v2 updates, there is no charge to upgrade. Please be sure to read the download and installation instructions so that you have a seamless upgrade and update process.


The Lockheed Martin Prepar3D team loves hearing about your experiences with Prepar3D at our forums. The forums also give us an opportunity to listen to your feedback as we continue Prepar3D development. We’ve partnered with our forum users and with several 3rd party solution developers to continue to bring added features, enhancements, optimizations as well as additional backwards compatibility, bug fixes, and additional stability to Prepar3D v2.


We hope you find Prepar3D v2.5 continues to bring you the most immersive learning, simulation and training platform available.


The Prepar3D v2.5 update brings rendering and performance updates, a few general platform updates, and a substantial update to SimDirector, Prepar3D’s intelligent tutor, virtual instructor, and scenario generation tool. The full listing of improvements, fixes,


and requested enhancements is listed below.



  538 Views · 5 replies ( Last reply by Tom_Weiss )

DCS Pugachev's Cobra

12 Jan 2015
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

  795 Views · 8 replies ( Last reply by Ironhand )

Our Thank You

20 Jan 2015
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

Our thanks to all who contributed to pay our website Quarterly Fees

Fox3, Dark Brindle, bulding68, EricJ56, yayovich68, supercic, golfsierra2, SMOKKIN-1CAV- and Zoomboy

it is thanks to guys like you , specially to Zoomboy and Supercic -  that we manage quarter after quarter for these past nine years, to keep our website open
:icon_applause:   .

  511 Views · 0 replies

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition update released

10 Jan 2015
Posted by Tom_Weiss In: LockOnFiles Portal Articles

We are pleased to announce that we released a new update this afternoon (Monday 12th January 2015). Full update notes can be found here (http://steamcommunit...54302093637525/)


This update resolves several issues reported to us by the community and will be automatically applied to your software via the Steam platform. If the update does not start automatically please restart your Steam client.


Below is the full list of changes and fixes made in this update:


• Networking: Resolved - potential crash bug when decoding Steam host tag data.
• Error Reporting: Resolved - error message if the software failed to load the language.dll so that it shows the name of the actual dll it is trying to load.
• Learning Centre: Resolved - when selecting a mission from the Learning Centre, you would be told that the mission script failed to load and would be disabled.
• Learning Centre: Changed - the Learning Centre still referenced a GameSpy logo - now replaced with Steam logo.
• Graphics: Improved vertex and index buffer handling defaults and a few other things to give up to 10% framerate improvement (as long as vsync is not enabled/forced).
• Graphics: Change - Enable trilinear mipmap filtering by default.
• Graphics: Resolved - If the Special Effects setting was set to HIGH, some special effects like external lights, landing/water effects would not work.
• Graphics: Changed default value for max per-frame texture uploads to decrease time for high quality terrain textures to appear.
• Settings: Resolved - HIGHMEMFIX was enabled by default but could very rarely be disabled at load time.
• For new installs, we now provide default versions of dll.xml and exe.xml files to improve compatibility with existing add-ons.


Please note: Existing owners of FSX:SE will not get the dll.xml and exe.xml files automatically. We did not want to change them because we know that a lot of players have already modified them. If you would like the new versions of these files all you have to do is verify your files through Steam.


We are continuing to monitor your feedback on FSX: Steam Edition and would like to thank the community for taking the time to report these and other issues. We know that we have not fixed all of the reported issues, but we continue to work to improve the product in the coming weeks.

  677 Views · 0 replies

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