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Ground Textures Mods shootout!!

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Hi all,

The amount of different Ground Texture Modifications (GTMs) out there currently for DCS World 1.5.5 Caucasus region is quite simply staggering.  The amount of work gone into each one is extraordinary - congratulations to all.

That said, I wanted to compare what I perceived to be the most popular.  Note, I said compare and not review - you are the reviewer - each to their own.

I decided upon, Starways 2.5, Mustangs 1.2 and Barthek's new v7.0.

I compared them all to a vanilla install, with no other mods - v1.5.5.

System settings are shown in the video.  Go 1080, full screen - sit back and note the distinct and differing texture styles of each of the variations and make an informed choice of which one is for you.

Do, please, feel free to comment here or on the YouTube page - so....................which is your favourite?



Find out here:  


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Excellent video - thanks !!!

I have Bathek's GTM7 and Starways, the other one I don't have - I like Barthek's because of its more vivid color palette which reminds me more of P3D terrain.

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