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Coretex Designs: F/A-18E

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Coretex F/A-18E update


Happy Holidays from Coretex Designs! (WIP Paint Scheme)
Minor Update
Paint schemes are being worked on. We're in the process of re-vamping panel lines, rivets, and weathering.
Weapons systems are being scripted, and modeled.
An additional programmer has joined Coretex Designs. This will increase workflow, and productivity.

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Coretex Designs 
Update: 01-01-14
In the past three months we've made some great progress throughout our development. Below you will find some of our development updates categorized by their areas of progress. 
Company Progress
- We're in the process of registering Coretex Designs as a Limited Liability Company. We are expecting our registration to be completed mid-March. 
- A new programmer has joined to ease the workload of development. 
- A new cockpit artist has joined Coretex Designs to work on all our modules. (The_Fragger)
F/A-18E Super Hornet Progress
Note: Everything is a work in progress, and should not represent the final module.
- We are still proceeding with testing and tuning the flight model to our testers feedback.
Cockpit Programming
-Weapons systems are being implemented.
- Added Manual and CCIP modes in conjunction with Single, Salvo, Ripple Single, and Ripple Multiple sequences
- EADI (Electronic Attitude Display Indicator) Added
- EFD (Engine Fuel Display) Completed
- AOA (Angle Of Attack) Indexer Added
3D Progress
(Photo's Below)
- Hook Re-Vamped
- Refueling Probe Re-Vamped
- Pylons Re-Vamped
- ECS (Environmental Control System) Auxiliary Duct Doors Added
- KY-58 Control Panel Added
- Wing Flex Added
- Pilot Complete (Created By: Sven Borchert)
2D Progress
(Photo's Below)
- Pilot Diffuse/Normal Maps Complete (Sven Borchert)
- Cockpit textures are actively being worked on. (The_Fragger)
At the top of this thread you will find a poll we have created that we would like your input on. Your input will determine our next course of action, and it would be appreciated greatly. 
As always, we hope you stick around to follow our updates, and support our development. If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions feel free to contact us through Skype, Email or any of our social media networks posted below. 
Thank You, The Coretex Designs Team

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