RNoAF F-16A campaign

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Fly as a F-16 fighter pilot in the RNoAF 338 squadron. MEInit.xml included. It is my first campaign. hope you like it.

Mission one:

Situation: after our F-16 observed and forced the Tu- bombers to land, the Russians got angry saying that the bombers where only on a training excersise. We didn't belive this. Other Tu bombers where observed over the Atlantic Ocean, and again forced to land by RNoAF and Luftwaffe. now they got pissed.

Briefing: there are some Tu-160 Blackjack heading towards our base, with an escort! They are probably planning to attack us. Take off and head to the Russian fligth. Be carefull, they might fire at you. Do not fire until they fire.

AWACS - yes

Tanker - no

Other support - no

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