LOFC Scenery Mod Merzifon v1.3

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This version 1.3 of my scenery file is for LockOn Flaming-Cliffs v1.12a and moves the Razdonolye airbase to Merzifon in Turkey.</p><p>

It also places a huge amount of extra trees around airbases and adds extra objects to the scenery.</p><p>

The package also includes a towbar object made by 'TheSystem' and new hangar objects made by 'TomCatz'.</p><p>


--- new ---</p><p>

this 1.3 version is simular to 1.1 but has the following additions:</p><p>

- Powerline masts placed on railroad tracks near airbases</p><p>

- Several towbars by 'TheSystem' on each airbase</p><p>

- New hangar types by 'TomCatz' on a few airbases</p><p>

- Payloads like TERs, weapons and fueltanks near parking areas</p><p>

- Toolboxes and containers on the ramp of Sohi-Adler airbase</p><p>

- Extra buildings in Adler city</p><p>

- Extra oilrig near Sohi</p><p>

- Extra trees near Merzifon</p><p>

- Grass landing field & forrest in eastern Georgia</p><p>

- New depot at Simferopol airbase</p><p>

- New SAM manufacturing plant east of Krymsk arbase</p><p>

- New depot and holliday homes north of Krymsk airbase</p><p>

- Militairy trains at Kerch city</p><p>

- Army base north of Dzankoy</p><p>

- Two empty, fenced depot areas ready to be used by mission builders.</p><p>


All new additions can be viewed by flying the included mission file which contains static igla's near every addition.</p><p>

All mods/additions appear in both the High- and Medium-scenery file.</p><p>

The Low-scenery file only has Razdonolye airbase moved to Merzifon.</p><p>

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