SteveFSX Dx10 Shader Fix Ver. 3.2.1

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From the ReadMe:

"version 3.2.1



These are a set of changes to one of the DX10 shaders that ships with Microsoft FSX

They address the following bugs in the DX10 preview

1) Flashing runways and Runway markings that flicker

2) White and yellow Runways markings interleaving

3) Chain fences that become opaque as the viewing angle changes

4) Progressive Taxi markings missing

5) Missing Night objects - bridges, buildings etc. From the London Eye, to Tower bridge much of the scenery disappears

at night with DX10. This patch addresses the issue.

6) Minor DX10 issues with Orbix car headlights and runway transparency

7) Jagged VC Shadowmap

8) More Shadowmap improvements

The patch should not effect DX9 in any way.


I uploaded the correct file, I just renamed it 3.11 like an idiot. Please disregard.

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