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First Version of the FC2.0 extra flyable Aircrafts Mod (beta)

What are the disadvantages?

- Some mods might need to be readded in order to work again (6 DOF mod)

What are the features?

- More flyable Planes (with standard cockpits)

- Refueling is working! A player can now fly a KC-10 or IL-78M with the ability to refuel other players on the server! This opens up many possibilities for interesting missions and situations!

- You can now fly: A-50

BAE Harrier (NEW Plane)



F-4E Phantom

F-5E Tiger



IL-78 (refueling)

KC-10 (refueling)



Mirage 2000



Su-39 (Su-25TM)

Tornado GR.4

Tornado IDS


- You will have the possibility to change the cockpit positions on all flyable planes (see list above)

- Community modders can easily make high quality flyable mods of any of the planes listed above

- All new planes will have their own flight model, and will therefore behave differently to each other

Known Bugs (Working on fixes):

- Yak-40, FA-18 and Harrier cant crash into Buildings, but you can shoot them down.

- If you open the canopy on the C-130 in the air, your FC2 will crash.

- Wing sweeping on your Aircraft is only visible for other Players.


At the Harrier takeoff put your flaps full down and dont pull. If your tail hits the ground you will explode.

Special thanks goes to Crow and HAVOC131 for testing and helping.

Enjoy =)

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