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  4. slowly I've been updating these past couple of months the skins specular template - one a day the last few are done they were batch uploaded so there is no change in the download pages, you can find mine among many others here: the skins are the same - but they work now in 1.5 and 2.0 and reflect correctly.
  5. RT @beatrizbecerrab: Los venezolanos que luchan por la democracia merecen todo nuestro apoyo. Y el Parlamento Europeo se lo ha dado hoy htt…

    Amazing jod man, well done, i love, thank alot for you time and work here, can you fixe the gorund ugly to the North east big lake oof map please, look man,thank
  6. Name: DCS Movie: Motherland Category: AiR FORCE Date Added: 2017-04-25 Submitter: LOMACKISDEAD DCS Movie: Motherland
  7. his mod was originally payware so I don't think there are any other mods available
  8. Hi, I have recently taken time at researching various ground mods and have come to the conclusion that as brilliant as they all are I believe Starways 2.5 is better. I an sure Europe in summer/spring looks more lush and green [like Barthek's] but here in South Africa Starways 2.5 is the better. Thank you to all those who do the mods and make our flying experience so wonderful and rewarding !!!! Peter Weir ps - where can I find other Starways mods ?
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  10. RT @MariaCorinaYA: El régimen transita sus #DíasFinales.

  11. Since the new Normandy map is about to be released , I uploaded updated versions , all are based on real life captured Bf109
  12. usually it is only the latest
  13. Hi I am wanting to download Starways Ground terrain mods. Do I need 1.1 or can I simply download the final 2.4 [seems to show 2.5] and does that include 1,5 as well as 2. Or do I need to download each separately and install one after the other ? it seems impossible to find the original 1,1 regards, peter
  14. Name: B-25 Bombers Land • 75th Anniversary Of Doolittle Raid Category: AIR SHOWS Date Added: 2017-04-18 Submitter: LockOnFiles_Team B-25 Bombers Land • 75th Anniversary Of Doolittle Raid
    Very nice addition to the hanger
    Excellent, getting better and better
  15. Name: GoPro Flight Timelapse Day into Night pilots view Category: CIVIL AVIATION Date Added: 2017-04-18 Submitter: LockOnFiles_Team GoPro Flight Timelapse Day into Night pilots view
    Another top quality skin, a must to replace the standard stock skin
    Stunning, one of my favourites and I've only had it five minuites
  16. yes - like all the others, which also have the new specular file. there are 2 download links, one for the (early) Soviet and the other for the Russian Navy version.
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