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Guys, this great matchup is kicking off this Saturday live on Twitch.

Thanks to Eagle Dynamics who generously sponsor this event, contestants will square off for a chance to win a free copy of the Normandy map!

You can learn more about the composition of each team and the gentlemen who went through the prelims on Burning Skies Server to earn a slot in the 6v6 roster, watch the awesome pre-show video put together by Hook and participate in the polls to let us know about who you think will stand out and prevail in this 4th round of the Grudge Match Series.

Here is the Link:



To all DCS jocks, we’ve got exciting news for you! TAW, our long-time partner, are launching a new TvT campaign for DCS World on November 26th – that is going to be a Saturday and the meet up time on TeamSpeak has been set to 1600 Zulu!

You read it right, it is a campaign and not a one-time event. This means results from round 1 like captured airbases…etc will be carried over to round 2.






Shahdoh’s WWII campaign hit week 6 with both teams still fighting tooth and nail but on very low resources.Commanders and their pilots are taking more and more risks in an attempt to prevail on the battlefield. 

While Axis have lost almost 2/3 of their armed forces, they still can rely on experienced pilots led by the current top Ace Wilzah who is the author of 6 confirmed aerial kills with no losses in 5 sorties. Axis have also a tiny bit more resources. 

Read more about this here: http://sa-sim.com/shahdohs-ww2-campaign-week-6-aftermath/




 Top Gun is a DCS online dogfighting tournament organized in association with the Art of Warfare squadron, the 104th Phoenix squadron and the 51st PVO Regiment in an attempt to provide DCS virtual pilots with a competitive environment that would allow them to practice BFM (Basic Fighter Maneuvers) and hone their skills in the art of dogfighting.

In this competition, participants go head to head in 1v1 or 2v2 formats trying to shoot each other down using short-range heat-seeking missiles and internal guns only.

After two successful rounds, Top Gun was back in its third edition featuring some of the finest pilots the DCS community has to offer:

Defending champion Stuge achieved an incredible performance by winning again both the 1v1 and the 2v2 tournaments.
His first match in 1v1 against Teknetinium proved to be his toughest; Stuge managed to score a kill in the first round with an R-73 missile but failed to exit the combat station, which forced the round to be replayed.

Full article:






The 5th round of the Joint Warrior battle series is over and what a great action-packed event it was! Here is what in my opinion stood out from the two prelims and the final battle:


Sweeper from the Fighting 99th Air Wing made a strong impression in the final battle after missing the preliminary match. The American Eagle driver pulled off an amazing performance claiming 4 kills and leading team Red to final victory over in their final clash against team Blue led by the 104th.

After missing the latest events, the Su-25 guru Wizard from Death Wings (UVAF squadron) made a resounding return into the spotlight; the Ukrainian striker has been a nightmare to his opponents pulverizing nothing less than 27 ground targets worth a total of 240 points!

Read more here:  http://sa-sim.com/sweeper-and-wizard-tip-of-the-spear-in-joint-warrior-5/



The 104th, 51st and SA-Sim are pleased to announce the first Joint Warrior Event of 2016.

Joint Warrior 5 is a symmetrical force on force event that consists of 4 teams of 25 Pilots battling for the top spot in a 2 day competition. Participants are grouped into either the Blue, Red, Green or Orange teams.

All teams fight on Saturday 27th of February at 18:00z and the winners from each match progress on to the finals held on Saturday 5th March 18:00z.





We are proud to announce that the second round of the DCS Top Gun BFM competition will start on Saturday 14th of November 2015. Top Gun R2 is at the name implies a guns only PvP competition meaning that the only weapon that the jets will be allowed to carry is the cannon.

This event will be hosted by TAW crew (The Art Of Warfare) on their dedicated servers running the latest 1.5 version of DCS world. TAW have been contributing in many ways to the success of our past events so we are glad to see them evolving into official partners alongside the 104th Phoenix and the 51st PVO.

The mission itself is a courtesy of 104th_Stuge and we would like to thank him for his top quality work in putting all the pieces together to come up with an accurate and professional DCS mission dedicated to dogfighting.

Only PFM-equipped modern fighters will be used, i.e, The Su-27 Flanker and the F-15C Eagle; the competition will also feature two separate draws: 1v1 and 2v2.

This is an SA-sanctioned PvP competition and as such it will count for the DCS air-to-air rankings.

Full details of the event are available here: http://sa-sim.com/top-gun-round-2-fo...november-14th/

There is also a prizepool and some interesting features, so make sure you check out the link above!