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Cliffs of Dover : massive improvement in FPS

Posted by Tom_Weiss , 23 April 2011 · 575 views

Cliffs of Dover : massive improvement in FPS

When I wrote the Quick review - I was pleasantly surprised by the results and by the looks of the sim , unlike many Il-2 veterans that went ballistic over the many many things that they found wrong with the sim.

Reading all those threads about what a piece of %$^& the sim was really made for a depressing read, considering the track record of Oleg it was also amazingly unfair, like that was the end product and no patches would follow.

so far, after flying a few hours I have (only) three serious complains:

- lack of tracers on the Spitfire - the Hurricane has them ...

- amazing low effect of bullets impacts, you keep firing and very little happens ...

- AI does not do a Controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) - that is what happens when you fly too close over terrain and impact on it because someone is firing over your head ... and that should happend when you are firing at a target at low level ...

but as far as FPS is concerned, after the patches : wow !

Posted Image

Flying over London - no stutters there anymore

Posted Image

doing some formation flying with Stukas :D

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I have not yet played any massive battles - or flown campaigns, still enjoying 1x1 1x2 dogfights - but I am sure that any problems that there are in those areas will be corrected soon, now if only the damage coefficient of guns could be fixed ...

The IL2 patches have always fixed what needs to be fixed
I'll have to take a look on Steam for my purchase
Considering how fast they fixed the major problem - which was slow FPS and that the next patch will address a lot of gameplay issues, I think that it is OK to buy it.
Where did you pick yours up at ?
Steam shows May 24th release date

After Googling, UbiSoft shows May 24th release date, Amazon shows April 26th, GoGamer has May 20th
You can't play it in North America until the 26th - for reasons known only to Ubisoft ... all the rest of the world can, maybe they wanted to test it first with us :D

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