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The end result

Posted by Tom_Weiss , 12 February 2011 · 395 views

6. The End result

Yesterday I've posted the cockpit Mod - after doing some last tweaks before building the CDDS file, this took me several hours to do as I wanted to test each texture, step by step, to avoid any problems with blurriness, only one file needed to be outside the CDDS file as there was some blending issues.

I've re done 37 textures in this Mod - most of them completely re done and some were tweaks with added textures, but it is mostly original work.

The original textures are photos with some textures added - so that is the reason why I made mine as realistic as possible, so that I would not need to reskin the whole cockpit, something that is not possible to do as some textures are very small and you can't edit them at all.

This is with what I've started

Posted Image

this is state of the art - year 2003-2004

the first challenge I had to face is the flat surface - that made adding depth easy but anything else very difficult, unless I had photo real textures myself, then they looked OK, unfortunately, I had very few sources to draw upon, so some textures could not be done.

this is what I ended up with

Posted Image

only the weapons panel was not completely replaced - why ? there are two 3d objects placed on it that use a texture in that panel, take out the texture and the 3d objects show up distorted, so I decided (for now) to leave it only improved, not replaced.

Posted Image
Posted Image

(you can see the weapons panel on the screenshot above)

put together I think it all blends in very nicely

Posted Image

the night illumination has to contend with the fact that the cockpit panel is lit with a reddish light - I used cold blue/white illumination for the gauges - with two illuminated with Amber lights for better night vision

Posted Image

there is no uniformity in the night illumination

Posted Image
Posted Image

this mod was tested on a clean install for compatibility reasons

Today I am going to update the F-15C with a few more details - then it is on to skinning A2A's new Spitfire.

What else can I say but a heartfelt 'thank you' for your great work, Tom!... There are probably very few of us still flying the good old LO1.02... I do. Heavily modded, of course. And I'm enormously happy that your new cockpit mods still work with the classic install.

I'm looking forward to seeing the latest update of the F15C pit.

Great work, much appreciated :)
Great work Thomas
I had not realized there was different sets of textures for night illumination
I thought the clour of the light in the game was changed
Thank you guys :)

You can have as many sets as there are dials - because each dial has its own night template - so you can have variations within the theme, I used an effect that illuminates the gauge - there is only one where I illuminated the Markings, the combinations can be endless.

Looks awesome, Tom. That took a hell of a lot of work.

Tom: Super job, and if you want to keep your hand in, I got an F-18 overlay for the F-15 I am working on that could really use your touch.LOL. True though if you want a challenge.All the Best.

Feb 19 2011 10:41 AM

the cockpit looks great, a change was needed.
Thanks for your hard work!


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