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Flying DCS A-10C Lock On Style

Posted by Tom_Weiss , 26 November 2011 · 581 views

Flying DCS A-10C Lock On Style

this is how I used to fly DCS A-10C


While you are learning how to do the A-10C command sequences , it is the only way to do it, but I did find this repetitive and work intensive and I dislike Autopilot flying.

I am missing the carefree Lock On flying and to get it back I am programming my X-52 with whole series of commands that do what I did before : the mouse clicking sequence to configure the A-10C systems.

I am going back to HOTAS mouse-less flying.


this is what I am doing in this video:

1. select Maverick
2. configure Maverick
3. configure Chaff and Flares for manual release option
4. select TGP
(start searching for a target : an OSA and a Tunguska )
5. I select and lock the TGP on the OSA (and aim badly - I am going to miss it)
6. I placed a marker and slaved the Maverick head to it
7. switched to the Maverick and Ground Stabilized it (Ground stabilizing takes time)

and I am bungling it :icon_redface: - so I have to switch back to the TGP and redo it (I still I haven't noticed that I placed the TGP in the wrong spot :icon_rolleyes: ) and then switch back to the Maverick MFD, ground stabilize it and then fire the Maverick and do the same thing again, this time targeting the Tunguska.

all this without touching once the mouse

then I take evasive action and as soon as I noticed that I missed the OSA : I re-engage it and disengage still outside the OSA effective range.

This whole attack done without having to select Autopilot or clicking anything - I am back to Lock On style this time flying the A-10C, and I am flying right into the engagement zone of the target, without panicking or losing track, and this can be done with pressing half a dozen keys in the Joystick.

Ha, ha, some easy to fly the A-10C as it was meant. What happened to this 10 min. up and flying and doing everythingPosted Imageand easier than FC2.:icon_duh:

Well, that's what you got a HOTAS for.lol. Now a touch screen would be interesting. Keep having fun.:D Posted Image

I finished the profile, now I have to make the video - the end result it is so simple that it is embarrassing :D

I finished the profile, now I have to make the video - the end result it is so simple that it is embarrassing :D

Hee ,hee, leave it to you :D

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