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Overclocking Nvidia and configuring your sim to look great - is it worth giving it a try ?

Posted by Tom_Weiss , 12 November 2011 · 725 views


I never overclock because I already have half a dozen HD (2 RAID arrays + 2 backup HD) and a pair of RAM modules that together raise the temperature high enough in a PC that it less than well ventilated - so I am a bit on the careful side. But as I have a good rig I don't feel the need to do it, but I do like to set the settings as high as possible.

I came across this setting : AA_MODE_METHOD_SUPERVCAA_64X_4v12 just a few days ago and did not have the time to test it, supposedly it looks great with acceptable loss of performance.

You need to have an 460xxx NVIDIA card to to make this setting something that may be worth giving a try, but how to apply AA_MODE_METHOD_SUPERVCAA_64X_4v12 ? not with the NVIDIA CP panel.

You need to download NVidia Inspector and you can do this here :


and this is the its control panel :

Posted Image

at first I could not find the link to modify the profiles - why can't people make things obvious ???

so, this is the profiles page ( the tab to open it is next to the DRIVER VERSION) if you want to do it game by game , you can use it (don't forget to APPLY the changes)

this for F
SX :

Posted Image

There is an option to use a base profile for all , that is the one I use - am not lazy, just don't like to do it for every sim and game

Posted Image

I find this easier - but it is also good to do it for each game or sim IMO if you have an old game or sim

once you apply it and set it to override it in the NVIDIA control , the panel it should look like this :

(NVidia Inspector and NVidia control panel)

Posted Image

I gave A-10C a try with
AA_MODE_METHOD_SUPERVCAA_64X_4v12 - and FPS dropped 1/3, I will need some more time flying with it before I decide to use it and I have to give the other sims and Arma a try.

NVidia Inspector is a great tool to do configure your GPU and if for no other reason than its great tweaking and overclocking options , you should get it.

When overclocking video cards, don't forget to add a fan-monitoring app like MSI Afterburner. Nvidia 400 series cards regularly hit 100C at full load, giving almost no headroom when overclocking. You'll get heat-related failures which can really ruin a bombing run.

Also remember Nvidia frequently releases driver updates which will bork your settings on both Nvidia Inspector and MSI Afterburner, so re-set each.

Why am I so intent on fan monitoring? This was my flight PC a couple of years ago, with seven GPUs going at the same time.

Posted Image
those are 3 GPU in SLI ?

those are 3 GPU in SLI ?

There are four cards in this photo. The top three are 9800GX2s, which have 2 GPU's each. As shown, the top two cards are in Quad SLI. I used that to render the primary screen in SoftTH, then let one GPU handle each of the additional 3 monitors I used in my office/cockpit.

I do have a fourth 9800GX2, but this case (and perhaps any case) could not handle the heat generated by that much hardware, and there is no known driver set beyond QuadSLI. Had there been, I could have had 8XSLI. I also thought I would be using CUDA, but again I was mistaken.

The same system runs now with a pair of 570s in SLI and my power bill shows it.
and you have also 1200W - twice as much as I use - it is a great rig that you have

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