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Sims and Things


DCS Sales

Posted by ZoomBoy , in DCS, Sims 19 October 2014 - - - - - - · 435 views
DCS, Sales
Rather than just a mere blurb about another, I thought I would take a deeper look at my buying decisions
Blurb: DCS October Flash Sale!
Friday, 17 October 2014 (70% off)
For just two days (18 to 20 October)
Starts 18.10.14 at 00:00 AM Moscow time and ends on 20.10.14 at 8:00 AM Moscow time



Progress - Su25T Training Mission - Bombs

Posted by ZoomBoy , in Su-25T, Tutorial, Missions 14 October 2014 - - - - - - · 371 views
su-25T, Training, mission and 1 more...
Just a quick entry about the Su25T Training Mission - Dumb Bombs only - no missiles.

I have finished the structure of the training modules in the mission session. After the Intro . these will show up on the Radio Comms... F10. Other menu
Intro (complete)
Shkval TV sensor (nearly done)
More Bombing Instruction (half-done)
CCRP Bombing (half-done)


Mission Progress Report

Posted by ZoomBoy , in Missions, Black Shark, Uncategorized 08 October 2014 - - - - - - · 376 views
missions, editor, ka-50, beach
There were a few requests to some missions in a blog entry. One for some Su-25T weapons run-throughs and one for an amphibious assault - http://www.lockonfil...round-pounders/ .
This would go along with the work I was doing to transfer a Su-25T Flaming Cliffs MissionPack to DCS World

Su-25T Training Missio...


MiG-21bis - It's HUD To Be You

Posted by ZoomBoy , in MiG-21bis 05 October 2014 - - - - - - · 521 views
MiG-21bis, tutorials, impressions and 1 more...
Picked up the Mig21-bis. Saw the cockpit and said, "Yummy, I gotta have this." Even though I prefer ground-pounding with the Su-25T, Ka-50, and A10C, it was difficult to pass on this. So, I didn't.

Logged into my DCS account and ordered it & downloaded the 500MB module.


http://i123.photobuc...ht Sim Blog%...


Mission Requests Taken - Ground Pounders

Posted by ZoomBoy , in A-10C, Missions, Black Shark, Uncategorized 27 September 2014 - - - - - - · 377 views
mission, A-10C, Su-25, ka-50
I have transferred over about 6 or 7 missions for the Su-25T from Flaming Cliffs 1.12 to DCS World. But that's going to take a lot of testing and tweaking until it works out correctly. So as a switch from that, I am going to make some other missions for the other ground-pounders (A-10C, Su-25 maybe, and Ka-50 Black Shark)

In the end I'm going to have a M...


Black Shark: Night Missions Possible

Posted by ZoomBoy , in Tutorial, Missions, Black Shark 21 September 2014 - - - - - - · 610 views
DCS, Black Shark, Ka-50 and 1 more...
Black Shark: Night Missions Possible Night-time missions were near impossible as the Shkval Target Designator can barely pick up targets for missiles. When looking through the new options with the Mission Editor, I came across illuminating bombs(LUU-2) option. After testing, they're good enough for night missions for the night-blind Ka-50 Black Shark.

Elements Needed To Command Flare-Bombs...


A-10C Wingman Basics

Posted by ZoomBoy , in Tutorial, Instrument, A-10C 11 September 2011 - - - - - - · 1,781 views
A-10C, Wingman
In testing my earlier A-10C mission, I usually would do all the work of destroying the targets.  But whenever I sent off my wingman to a target I had specified, he went some place - almost at random.  I had to dig into this if I wanted to get this right and do bigger missions.

Wingmen Basics

Lead Plane + Wingman is the basic set of military aircraft o...


A10C Mission: Chikola Night Hunt

Posted by ZoomBoy , in Missions, A-10C 05 September 2011 - - - - - - · 604 views
Chikola Night Hunt, Mission and 1 more...
I usually like a narrative to a mission - the terrain and objectives usually provide good hooks.  So I usually choose the map area first - setting up a campaign in the region of Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Russia in southern Russia.  I don't see many missions there.  But if you are going to have a fictional conflict, you can place it pretty much...


NDB? - Non-Directional Beer?

Posted by ZoomBoy , in Tutorial, Multi-player, Instrument, Black Shark 31 August 2011 - - - - - - · 913 views
NDB, Black Shark, Radio, ADF and 1 more...
No, it's a Non-Directional Beacon.  These beacons are standard navigation devices used at modern airports and used by the Ka-50 Black Shark.  Before GPS and the other modern navigational aids, it was an important way to guide planes to airports.  But for a Ka-50 in a war zone, it's a good backup to have.

For the Ka-50 it's a backup system to...


Skills Learned: 1st A-10C Mission

Posted by ZoomBoy , in Tutorial, Instrument, A-10C, Missions 21 August 2011 - * * * * * · 2,703 views
A-10C, Tutoriial, Instruments and 1 more...
Been working on my first thorough DCS: A-10C mission.  With maximized randomness and having to test the air cover and radio usage, by repetition alone, I added a few skills to my repertoire. A lot of this was difficult to explain - but much easier to do.  It is like flying a software program
- Know WHERE the Focus(SOI) is
- Know WHEN you can use all t...

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